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Canada offers “Scholarship of the Americas” for young Peruvians: Find out what the requirements are |  University of Canada West |  Students |  NMR |  |  Economy

Canada offers “Scholarship of the Americas” for young Peruvians: Find out what the requirements are | University of Canada West | Students | NMR | | Economy

In view of the current instability in our country, Canadian universities are betting on big talents who want to emigrate or continue their studies in the hope of a better future.

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Helbert Marquez, manager of SCCanada and a representative of two Canadian universities, said: “The goal is for more adults to immigrate to Canada because of easier study and employment. We talk to two audiences: young people who have just finished high school or single professionals or young people who want to pursue a master’s degree with family. We will do a free webinar with West University of Canada on March 30th“, He said.

In addition to the details of the investment, benefits and timing in the studies, he pointed out that since not everyone is qualified, they hope to provide information and evaluate the profile of interested parties.

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In fact, an important issue is the steps to qualify for and follow English, and then once they finish their studies they can work in Canada.“, He added.

Marquez explained that the most convenient option to study abroad is Canada and that it is relatively close due to the opportunities it offers. “After studying and working, you can access a resident visa”, He noted.

U.S. Scholarship

According to Helbert Marquez, Western University of Canada has a U.S. scholarship, and its discount is higher than other study institutions.

It includes undergraduate and graduate programs. For all projects, the University grants scholarships only to Latin Americans, and this institution only offers it.”, He noted.

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How to access the scholarship?

The expert said that you only need a Peruvian passport to access the “US scholarship”. This scholarship is for all people living in the area. “This is part of the scholarship, but there are discounts in percentages“, He added.

Therefore, he clarified that after the webinar, interested students can request information and he and his team will be ready to solve the questions.

What are the requirements for scholarships in Canada?

If you have a bachelor’s degree:

  • University Transcript
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Resume (Required List)
  • English (can give TOEFL, ielts or Duolingo)

If you only have school:

  • School Transcript
  • English (can give TOEFL, Ielts or Duolingo)

Marquez said it usually takes 20 to 30 days to accept a university, and it takes an average of three months to apply for a student visa.

Upon completion of the course you will have access to the Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) at the same time as the course. This PGWP allows you to work with the purpose of applying the knowledge you have acquired and gaining a Canadian experience.

Benefits in Canada

Marquez argued that Canada is now the best country to live in because it brings you so many benefits.

It allows you to study and work, you can travel with your family, school is free for elementary and middle school, which, unlike the United States, covers more complex health issues. Then, you can get a resident visa”, He commented.

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