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Canada: Prince Andrew, a Canadian schoolboy International

Prince Andrew of England in a picture in London on August 11.DPA via Europa Press (Europa Press)

Prince Andrew High School, located in Dortmouth (Nova Scotia, Canada) since its founding in 1960, has been named after a way of commemorating his birth in the same year. Son of Queen Elizabeth II. However, public campus officials – where 736 young people study – announced that it was time to choose another name, thus marking the distance with the accused Duke of York in the United States. Sexual abuse of Virginia Gufrey When the plaintiff was a minor. The learning center will change its name before the start of the next academic year.

High School principal Craig Campbell emailed the students’ families of the decision Wednesday. “The name of a school should reflect our school community and uphold our values ​​as a safe and inclusive learning space for all,” he said. “Our desire is to continue to build our identity as a positive, supportive and respectable community, with a work-appropriate name,” he added.

The director pointed out that a team of students, professors and other staff would be responsible for this process. Every member of the community is invited to propose a new name. After voting, the first three places on the list will be evaluated by the Halifax Regional Board of Education, which will make the final decision. Some high school students and faculty have filed a petition to change their name since the end of 2019, announcing they will retire from public life due to corruption in their relationship with the Duke of York. Businessman Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of sexually abusing minors And committed suicide in his room, and his girlfriend and partner, Kisline Maxwell, Was found guilty by a U.S. arbitral tribunal in late December. However, the proposals did not succeed.

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On January 13, Elizabeth II withdrew all of Prince Andrew Military degrees and state support; The move to prevent further embarrassment of the trial monarchy in the United States. Two infantry regiments and three military titles lost as Honorary Colonel-in-Chief of an Armored Division were held in Canada. According to state supporters, the Duke of York had six in the North American country; Among them, a group of war veterans, an educational foundation and a golf club. However, these companies have already broken bridges with him since 2019.

The name of the high school, as well as military degrees and Prince Andrew’s royal support in Canada, are illustrated by the deep ties between the country and the Crown. The Canadian Federation was formed in 1867 with British North American law. In 1982, Pierre Elliott Trudeau – the father of the current Prime Minister – returned the Constitution, giving Canada the means to directly change its Magna Carta. Elizabeth II President of the Government of Canada; Its official representation in the country is to the Governor-General of Canada, Mary Simon. Relationships continue, but the Queen’s third generation is rapidly disappearing from the postcard.

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