July 24, 2024


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Pan American Hockey: Canada shows no mercy to Mexico in men

Pan American Hockey: Canada shows no mercy to Mexico in men

The The boys make their debut at the 2022 Pan American Hockey Tournament It takes place at the Prince of Wales Country Club and they did it with bulky markers,

Canada and Mexico played the first fight And the Americans showed no mercy to the Aztecs. Despite an equal start, the Canadians scored just one goal in the first quarter, The score was unbalanced in the second fifteen minutes: 5-0 they went into the break, with Gordon Johnston scoring the first goal of the third. In the course of the game.

Then came the third period, which ended 9-0, with the final score established in the fourth game with a discount for George Aguilar’s Latino (11-1).

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The game was very tight The United States, with Trinidad and Tobago, for the same team, as they were level until the third quarter (3-3), only in the last fifteen minutes, the commitment was unmatched by the previous ones. In the 54th minute, captain Aki Kepler scored his second goal of the afternoon and set up the final score: 4-3.

Finally, in the most important battle for the Chileans, Argentina beat Brazil 10-0 to warn national team For Trasantino’s special match, modeled with Miko Casella, the match will require a high concentration of red in his debut. Well, it will be precisely against trasandinos (Saturday, 6:30 pm). The same fight that lives in Los Diablos will release its first show this Friday at 6:30 p.m.