February 26, 2024


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Canada rejects veto of Russian tennis players and opens door for Djokovic’s participation

Canada rejects veto of Russian tennis players and opens door for Djokovic’s participation

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Novak Djokovic Canada’s door is not closed for next August’s tournament. Address of Masters 1,000 He promised that health measures would change depending on the condition of Kovit-19, and asked that the Serbs “wait” to see if they could participate. Currently Novak cannot play on Canadian soil. There is no vaccine against the corona virus.

Eugene Lapierre, the organization’s president, has promised that they will not be “in a hurry” to decide what rules they need to meet to play their game. “We imagine it There will be changes as we go. If the situation improves, if the situation worsens, or whatever, “he explained in an interview Montreal Journal.

Only the Open Director has made that clear Had it been today, it would not have been possible for Novak to return to Canada and take part in the tournament. “However, he did not rule out any chance for the future.” We are going to wait“, The Serbian tennis player has been punished for participating.

Novak Djokovic during training

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The lobbyist’s position gives confidence to Novak Djokovic’s team. Unlike other races where he has already been ruled out for failing to meet health requirements, Montreal opens that door. “We will follow the recommendations Of the authorities […]. We may have some pleasant surprises, “he said of the increase in cases in Europe,” but for now it seems to be getting better. “

With the exception of Djokovic, the Montreal Open has ruled out any restrictions on Russian tennis players. This position was only defended by the United Kingdom, which promised to ask the players a few days ago. Rejection and public condemnation of Vladimir Putin Russian invasion of Ukraine. A scene they don’t consider.

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“It simply came to our notice then that we had to show it We want peace. We can do the same in our environment. We are not looking for ways to further alienate the Russian people. I do not think it’s helpful, “Lobier told the Canadian newspaper.

There is no option in the United States

While waiting to see if he can play in Canada or not, Novak Djokovic already knows that playing in the United States is difficult. for now, No Indian Wells or Miami They will trust your participation.

The Serbian player announced his absence from social networks. According to Novak, his goal was to wait as long as possible to find out what the health measures were. But as soon as his term ended without any change, he announced his resignation to run in two hard court matches.

After all, Djokovic was able to take the number one spot in the world after the recent defeats of Daniel Medvedev. The Serbian has his own when preparing to take part in the tournament Major European tournaments such as Roland Corros And Wimbledon, making it possible for a tennis player to not ask for a vaccine against Govt.

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