April 22, 2024


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Canada seeks release of bridge blocked by health protesters | The world

Canadian police resumed their operations on Sunday, blocking the Ambassador Bridge, the main border crossing between anti-health protesters. Y But struggles continue in Ottawa.

Early in the morning, a large number of policemen gathered near the bridge, arrested and towed the vehicles.

“There will be no tolerance for illegal activities,” Windsor police said in a tweet urging people to avoid the area.

According to the CBC channel, the road leading to the bridge has been removed. However, traffic on the bridge did not slow down until midnight on Sunday.

The operation began very early on Saturday, when police pushed back some of the occupants. No arrests were made that day and at the end of the day the bridge was still somewhat blocked.

The expulsion maneuver was launched based on the decision of the Ontario High Court, which ordered the free movement of this crossroads between the two North American neighbors and pushed Washington to intervene with the Canadian government.

The strike has already triggered a boom in the automobile industry on both sides of the border. More than 25% of the goods in trade between the United States and Canada pass through this bridge.

Rejection of health measures

Canadian mobilizations inspired similar efforts in other countries.

In France, part of a convoy of anti-health protesters marched on Brussels from the outskirts of Paris on Sunday, in defiance of a ban by Belgian authorities.

Opponents of the Health Boss or President Emmanuel Macron rallied in Paris on Saturday and baptized their movement as a “convoy of freedom.” The Paris protest was banned by police headquarters.

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Entering its third week, the Canadian movement began mobilizing truck drivers against the obligation to vaccinate across the border between Canada and the United States, but the demands were extended until all health measures were rejected. Rejected the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Demonstrations continued Saturday in several Canadian cities, including Toronto and Montreal, and other border prints in the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta have been blocked.

The situation in Ottawa was calm on Sunday morning, but the capital has been paralyzed since the end of January.

There were about 4,000 protesters in the city center on Saturday, according to Ottawa Police.

Police said in a statement that some of them were aggressive.

He reiterated that he had limited means of dealing with the situation, urging authorities in the city and province of Ontario to declare a state of emergency.

Protesters have been gathering since Sunday morning, with Canadian flags in hand and the sun, but in very cold Ottawa, the temperature was closer to zero than zero.

“The romance here is incredible. It’s peaceful,” Vanessa Durjan, 38, a British Columbian who works in agriculture, told AFP. “It’s good to not feel overwhelmed and discriminated against,” he said.

“It’s like she’s met a big family,” said Quebeco Rosie Albert, 34, who arrived in the capital on January 28. “Such a situation is vibrating and so much love, friendship, mutual help: it’s simply unbelievable,” he says, though he admits that “it can not continue like this”.