May 30, 2024


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Study Abroad |  Study in Canada: Undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for young adults |  Niagara College Toronto |  Story |  Easy Stories |  ARE

Study Abroad | Study in Canada: Undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for young adults | Niagara College Toronto | Story | Easy Stories | ARE

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Given the current instability in our country, it is an opportunity for the future of thousands of Peruvians and professionals who want to emigrate or continue their studies abroad with the aim of having a better future for themselves and their families.

Helbert Marquez, manager of SCCanada and a representative of two Canadian universities, notes: “The goal is for more adults to immigrate to Canada because of the ease of study and employment opportunities. We talk to two audiences: young people who have just finished high school or single professionals or young people who want to pursue a master’s degree with family. Precisely, this Thursday we are ordering a free webinar with Niagara College – Toronto (8:00 pm) and we will be doing a student group with Western University of Canada on March 29th, ”he said.

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“The purpose is to provide details of all interested parties and to evaluate their profile because not all of them are qualified, in addition, details of research investment, benefits and timing. We can work, ”he said. One of the benefits of a student visa is that it allows you to study and work at the same time.

“Both universities offer partial scholarships, and Niagara College offers you $ 3,000 a year. Western University of Canada has a U.S. scholarship and its discount is high. This benefit is for the Peruvians. Both educational institutions offer a lot of support to students, including job opportunities and psychological support.

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Helbert Marquez explains that the most convenient option to study abroad is in Canada and relatively close because of the opportunities it offers. “After studying and working, you can access a resident visa,” he added.

Similarly, he clarified that after the webinar, interested students can request information and he and his team will be ready to clear the questions.

Why study in Canada? It allows you to study and work, you can travel with your family, school is free for elementary and middle school, which, unlike the United States, covers more complex health issues. Then, you can get a resident visa, ”he commented.

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Finally, he points out that university acceptance usually takes 20 to 30 days. Then apply for a student visa, three months. After completing your studies, you can access the benefit of an open work permit for the same period of time after you have completed your studies so that you can apply the knowledge you have acquired and gain Canadian experience. //

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