February 26, 2024


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Batman has already grossed over $ 100 million in the US and Canada.

Batman has already grossed over $ 100 million in the US and Canada.

The movie BatmanFrom Warner Bros. Studios, it topped the box office According to industry analysts, the United States and Canada grossed $ 100 million in its first weekend as the first film of the year..

The latest film in the growing collection of “Batman” editions – starring the English actor Robert Pattinson from History Twilight– Raised about $ 128.5 million between Friday and Sunday, according to statistics Exhibitionist Relationships.

The film had an estimated production cost 200 millionSo, at least for premiers in the US and Canada, they already account for a large chunk of the ongoing profits.

Sony’s product Spiderman: No Way Home The only picture taken during the epidemics Its opening weekend grossed $ 100 million at the box office, while it grossed $ 260 million in its opening month in December, analysts said..

Current version Batman Batman is on the trail of a serial killer (Paul Dano) He fights crime, corruption and his own demons. It stars Joe Gravitz, John Turturo, Peter Surskard, Andy Sergis and Colin Farrell..

Sony’s adventure film based on PlayStation video games Unspecified: Off the mapTreasure hunter Tom Holland played in the best style of Indiana Jones, with whom he was pushed to second place. It has grossed $ 11 million, more than $ 100 million since its first show a few weeks ago..

Metro Goldwin Mayor Comedy Dog Third place with $ 6 million. In it, Chaning Tatum plays a senior U.S. Army ranger who agrees to take his dog, Lulu, who was wounded while serving in Afghanistan, to his handler’s funeral.

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Still a big hit in fourth place Spiderman: No Way Home With 4.4 million sales in its twelfth week. Its international gross reaches $ 1 billion, making it one of the highest grossing films of all time.

And in fifth place was the production of the 20th century, losing one place from last week. Death in the Nile With 2.7 million. In the entertainment of Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel, Kenneth Frank plays the strange Belgian detective Hercule Boyrot..

Completing the top 10 places:

  • “Singh 2” ($ 1.5 million)
  • “Jacques Forever” (1.4 million)
  • “Chirano” (683,000)
  • “Scream” (570,000)
  • “Marry Me” (530,000)