April 13, 2024


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With Kyla Novak’s brace, Canada beat the Cayman Islands 13-0

With Kyla Novak’s brace, Canada beat the Cayman Islands 13-0

Kyla Novak scored two goals in Canada’s 13-0 victory over the Cayman Islands in the CONCACAF Women’s U20 2022 Round of 16. Kyla Novak (4 ‘1T and 5’ 2T), Olivia scored the home team’s goals in the match. Smith (6 ‘1T, 14’ 1T, 46 ‘1T and 1’ 2T), Mia Grant-Clavijo (38 ‘1T and 27’ 2T), Joe Burns (15 ‘2T), Brooklyn Court (23’ 2T), Mia Ponte (28 ‘2D), Keira Mellonhorst (30’ 2D) and Florian Jorday (39 ‘2D).

Within 5 minutes of the second half Canada’s best play moved the scoreboard with the help of Kyla Novak. After a solo game on the left, the striker put it on the left pole and down. Impossible for a goalkeeper!

Olivia Smith was named the tournament’s best player. The Canadian striker scored 4 goals and scored the opposite goal 9 times.

Mia Grand-Clavijo Felix also stood alone at the Sanchez Olympic Stadium. The Canadian striker scored 2 goals and scored the opposite goal 5 times.

This is a game with few violations and no shock to the referees.

Canada coach Cindy Die, along with Sierra Giorgio, proposed the 4-3-3 format; Defensive lines include Joe Burns, Annika Leslie, Brooklyn Courtney and Lou Dice; Vanessa Frelih, Nikola Small and Sonia walking in the middle; And Mia Grand-Clavijo, Kyla Novak and Olivia Smith were involved in the attack.

For its part, Alexander Gonzalez’s team bounced under Isla McLaughlin’s three sticks with a 5-4-1 plan; Ethan Villalobos, Catriona Williams, Artemis Deslandus-Heights, Hannah Scott and Shayna Windsor in defense; Evie Nicholoson, Daniella Gourzong, Molly Kehoe and Alexia Bromfield in half court; And in front of Courtney Hicks.

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Diana Perez Borja officiated at the event at the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium.

By defeating the Cayman Islands, Canada earned its place in the 2022 CONCACAF – Womens U20 Quarterfinal.

Note and Image Source: DataFactory