May 30, 2024


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RD won 3-0 in the United States; It goes into the semifinals against Canada this Saturday

The Dominican Republic defeated the United States (5-0) 3-0 last night (25-22, 25-15 and 25-12) in the opening round of the Women’s Sexted Money Cup. The second semi-final against Canada ended at seven, four, at the Ricardo-Giorgio-Arias Volleyball Palace.

The United States, which saw its winning streak, finished second, facing Mexico.

RD won 3-0 in the United States; It goes into the semifinals against Canada this Saturday.

The best attackers for the winners were Kayla Gonzalez, Yonkira Pena 12 and Priscilla Rivera 9 with 15 points.

For the US, with Veronica Perry 10, Rachel Kramer 7 and Daniel Cutino 9.

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The U.S. and Caribbean Queens have crossed the line 17 times and the series favors 10-7 Americans.

The particular series supports the United States 6-1, in which they met in the first round in 2003.

The 2014 edition was the only time the Dominican Republic defeated the United States for a gold medal.

The United States and the Dominican Republic have stolen the show from leading actors in 6 of the last 7 finals.

In the first set, the Dominican Republic had its main assault rifle on Kyla Gonzalez, scoring high points.

Again, Brenda Castillo showed her best defense by producing her teammates.

One factor that helped the Dominicans a lot was that the United States was somewhat irregular in services because they left many in the loop and others out of the quartet.

The first two technical times were dominated by Creole (8-3 and 16-13).

North Americans, after the age of 18-15, stuck to the 23-22 scoreboard. Marcos Quick asked for a reprieve and reorganized the force. Kayla Gonzalez was, without a doubt, the most effective attacker during the first games.

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In the second game, again, Kyla Gonzalez, Priscilla Rivera and Yongkira Pena devastated the opposing defense with strong shots.

The girls from the United States continued their problems with dropping services from the network and offline, which the Dominican team took advantage of.

Towards the end of the set, the combined block of Jineirys Martínez, Annersy Valdez and Priscilla Rivera did a lot of damage to the counter-offense.

Third, the Dominicans knocked the United States off the field where they did not allow 12 points, thanks to a strong combined attack and a superb defense led by Gaineris Martinez.