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Citing the crisis of the competition, Canada chooses to avoid the World Rugby America Pacific challenge

Citing the crisis of the competition, Canada will avoid the Rugby World Challenge for the United States and the Pacific next month.

After a break due to the epidemic, the six-team tournament, with development teams from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and the United States, will take place in Uruguay’s Montevideo from October 22 to 30.

Of the 28 players on each team for the World Rugby Funding Championship, 23 must be 23 years of age or younger. The remaining five players may be over 18 years old.

Canada’s senior team held their meetings on Monday before the Rocky World Cup qualifiers against 28th seed Chile, on October 2 in Longford, British Columbia, and on October 9 in Chile.

The 21st-ranked Canadians will turn their attention to the November International Window.

In the first round of the World Cup qualifiers, the Canadian men lost to the 16-seeded United States Eagles with a total loss of 59-50.

Victory over Chile and Canada Defeated consecutive losers from the United States and Uruguay, France entered Group D in 2023 with 2nd seed England, 7th seed Argentina, 10th seed Samoa and 13th seed Samoa.

Canada coach Kingsley Jones said he hopes Canada will be able to present a team to the United States Pacific Challenge next year.

Next month, Group A will include Argentina, Chile A, and Brazil A, while Group B will include Uruguay A, USA and Paraguay A.

Teams in Group A play against Group B and the team with the most points in three rounds is the winner of the tournament.

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“The strategic goal of global rugby is to promote the game globally, and this tournament goes to the heart of that strategy by focusing on elevating the overall competition of the game nationally, regionally and internationally,” the world rugby team leader said in a statement. .

“We are pleased to be partnering with unions and regions in a competition that promotes and supports the growth of some of America’s best young players.

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This report was first published by The Canadian Press on September 18, 2021.

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