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How to apply for the Atlantic Plan to Live and Work in Canada |  Employment |  nnda-nnlt |  Trends

How to apply for the Atlantic Plan to Live and Work in Canada | Employment | nnda-nnlt | Trends

Do you want to live?? Have you heard ? The Canadian government has an immigration program for foreign professionals who want to work in its Atlantic provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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The (Atlantic Immigration Pilot), according to the Government of Canada, is the path to permanent residency for qualified foreign workers and international graduates in a Canadian company wishing to work and live in one of the four Atlantic Provinces.

The aim is to attract and retain qualified workers and foreign graduates for the specified locations. The Atlantic immigration program conducted a pilot test in 2017 and brought 10,000 new residents to those provinces.

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What is the Atlantic Immigration Program?

The It is a rapid immigration program that allows employers in four Atlantic provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island) to hire qualified people for locally unfilled jobs.

Since the project’s implementation in 2017, the federal government and its provincial government partners have aimed to welcome more than 7,000 newcomers and their families to Atlantic Canada.

What is a job offer?

Employers in four Canadian provinces have created more than 9,800 jobs in key sectors, including healthcare, shelter, food services and manufacturing.. More than 90% of applicants reside in the area after one year; Higher retention rate than other plans.

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Provinces with labor distribution (Photo: canada.ca)

Who can apply?

Although each province has its own requirements, apply This is the minimum required:

  • Get a job offer from a designated employer in Atlantic Canada to participate in the program.
  • Be the latest graduate or skilled worker at a recognized post-secondary company in Atlantic Canada.
  • You may be a temporary resident abroad or already in Canada.
  • You must meet the minimum language requirements.
  • If you studied outside of Canada, you will need a statement Evaluation of educational credentialsS (RCT).
  • When you come to Canada, you will need enough money to support yourself and your family. On Find out how much you need to bring.

If you meet all of these requirements, .

Where do I fill out an application for the Atlantic Immigration Program?

The Government of Canada states that each province has its own application process and that these are free. Here are the links to apply:

What should the employer offer?

Placement must meet all of these requirements:

  • There must be employment That means you will be paid at least 30 hours per week.
  • There must be employment . Generally, this means consistent, well-planned paid work throughout the year.
  • For job level of skill level or type The employer must offer you a job that lasts at least one year (one year from the time you become a permanent resident).
  • Skill level for job posts The employer must offer you a permanent job, meaning no deadline has been set.
  • You (the applicant) or your spouse will not get the job from the company that owns the majority.
  • Unless you are an international graduate, the job placement should be at the same skill level or higher as the work experience you are eligible for. .
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