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Canada, the new territory that Juan Waltz points out in his expansion

Canada, the new territory that Juan Waltz points out in his expansion

The highest per capita coffee consumption in the United States is in Canada and the highest in the world. On average, a Canadian consumes 5.5 kilograms of this grain per year. The average is 3.5 kg, a much higher number than recorded in the United States.

For this reason, Colombia’s most representative brand, Juan Waltz, began to capture this market. After some pilot exports since October last year, its products will now reach a good portion of the population living in Canada.

Through an agreement reached with food retailer UniMarket, Juan Waltz Coffee is now available online and at 170 healthcare companies in major provinces, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. In principle, Canadians can enjoy the premium choice of Volcán, Cumbre and Colina, as well as instant coffee, ground coffee capsules and three specifications of a product from the Organic line.

“Canada is an attractive market for coffee because of its high consumption and consumer knowledge. In most countries, instant coffee is sold in larger quantities than roasted coffee, while in Canada the opposite is the case,” said Sebastien Mejia, International Vice President of Juan Valdes.

The total value of the coffee market in Canada is $ 1,600 million per year. Of this, 87% is $ 1,400 worth of roasted coffee. This figure is explained in part by the migratory influence in the country, especially in Italian culture, which has an important tradition and knowledge of how to prepare comprehensive drinks, so an important part of consumption is mentioned in products such as laddu and cappuccino. And Machiado. Similarly, coffee is listed as one of the four healthiest beverage options in the official dietary guide published by Canadian health officials.

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With the entry of Juan Waltz into this market, the brand is significantly expanding its geographical coverage. “The gateway to Canada allows us to cover the entire American continent, from Canada to Chile and Argentina. In North America, the intention is to go deeper and deeper, which is why we want to better understand consumers and their preferences,” Mejia said.

Juan Waltz Coffee is the first export process from Colombia to the United States to reach the cups of thousands of consumers in Canada. From there, it is shipped to this part of the world, where it is distributed to various cities in different provinces through Unimarket. The final selling price of the 340-gram bag of red lined Volcano, Compre or Kolina is $ 13.99 Canadian, which is close to $ 41,500 pesos at current exchange rates.

This value is much lower than what some independent vendors on Amazon offer, where the price reaches $ 33 Canadian dollars, about $ 98,000. Precisely, in the future, Juan Waltz will be able to market its variants through an agreement with this site or through its own web portal operating in the United States.

For now, the idea is to gain market share, and from there, expand the channels and access to one of the most representative brands of Colombian coffee throughout Canada. Although the opening of Juan Waltz’s official point in this country is not currently being considered, it is not ruled out that the move could be taken in the future. There are more than 8,400 coffee shops in Canada that sell $ 10 billion a year. About 30% of people buy this drink through Drive-Through outside their homes. This is due to the length of winter in this part of the world.

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For this reason, a study conducted by Euromonitor some time ago ranked this country first among eighty countries. This is an opportunity for the leading brand of Colombian coffee.

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