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Canada: Trudeau calls election on September 20 | International

There is a meeting for Canadians in the election on September 20th. After several weeks of rumors and speculation, the apparent non-partisan movements, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, This Sunday went to Rido Hall, the residence of the Governor-General of Canada, and demanded the dissolution of the Legislature. Mary Simon has held this position since July 26th, Agreed to the petition and thus began campaigning for the federal election. At the end of the meeting, Trudeau noted that Canadians “must choose how we end up.” Struggle against Govt-19 And we rebuilt in the best possible way “, adding to his match:” I know we have the right plan, the right team and the proven leadership to face this moment “.

The campaign will last 36 days, at least as specified in the election law. The Trudeau Liberals formed a minority government after the October 2019 election results. The deadline for holding new elections is October 16, 2023, when the government loses the confidence of the opposition majority in the lower house (a situation that does not happen) or Justin Trudeau approaches the Governor-General of Canada and calls for elections. This is what he did this Sunday.

This is Trudeau’s third election as leader of the Liberals. In October 2015, he became Prime Minister Thanks to the 177 seats his party won, it thus formed a majority government. Canada has 338 constituencies and needs at least 170 to win a majority. Four years later, Trudeau received a new decree. However, his party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 20 seats.

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Trudeau, who turns 50 in December, noted the opposition’s commitment to thwarting various attempts by his government in recent months. Similarly, liberal circles argue that the post-epidemic economy needs more drastic action. However, many voices in the Canadian media point out that Trudeau estimates that this majority government will be achievable by an early call for elections. The Angus Wright poll, released on August 10, indicated that the Liberals had 36% of the vote and the Conservatives 31%. Another poll released a day later, conducted by Abacus Data, shows 37% and 28%, respectively.

Despite criticizing Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to provoke an election amid a fourth wave of epidemics, opposition forces say they are ready to run. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole noted that Trudeau acted “only for his own benefit.” For his part, New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh called the decision “selfish.” Singh had even sent a letter to the Governor-General of Canada a few days ago asking him not to accept Trudeau’s request. 72.8% of the Canadian population has received at least one dose of the Govit-19 vaccine; 63.9% have already been fully vaccinated. In addition to the situation derived from the corona virus, other campaigns will carry considerable weight in the campaign. Environmental protection, reconciliation with indigenous peoples and relations with the United States and China will feature at this stage of rallies, debates and electioneering.

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