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Canada waits for Honduras: play begins

Walter Herrera
[email protected] | Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Guess a little!

We divided the octagon into four groups, each with two selected groups.

Group 1: USA and Mexico.

Group 2: Canada and Costa Rica

Group 3: Honduras and Jamaica.

Group 4: El Salvador and Panama.

Team 1: Straight to the World Cup.

Group 2: Third place and playoffs.

Team 3: Playoff Option.

Group 4: No possibilities.

Tomorrow’s tie starts with the match between Canada and Honduras, which will show us the true potential of the Canadian team.

Playing against an opponent who does not want to qualify directly for the World Cup, the outcome of this match will show us two things: Canada is pure story or it plays really good football and is projected as a strong candidate.

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Second Game: Panama hosts Costa Rica. Guess what, we started the Canal Artists in Group 4, which is unlikely to qualify, while the tricolor team is scheduled for third place by playing live tickets or playoffs to the World Cup. The national team must win, otherwise the second game of the octagon against Mexico takes the boundaries of the opening play.

Game Three: Mexico is waiting for Jamaica, who do not know where to go to Costa Rican. Thousands believe it would be better for the US and Mexico to escape from the start, tie up a couple of tickets to Qatar and eliminate rivals who, like Jamaica, complicate the final qualification for Costa Rica.

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In this sense, Mexico’s victory will be normal and Jamaica will start to sink early. Otherwise, if there is another Aztecazo, the Caribbean team will take an extraordinary strength and, at least until the playoffs, a terrible omen for DiCos.

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Game Four: El Salvador gets the United States, perhaps the most valuable opportunity for the Cascades, with their entire team, to show that the happy and positive football they took in the Gold Cup was not circumstantial.

Hugo Perez’s team had Mexico against the wall, and now they are waiting for the other “Pokemon” in the area.

As with what might happen at the Aztecs, perhaps the national team will be more comfortable with the American win, thus clearing the third-place finish, which is the best way to capture Costa Rica.

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Front notes

Punishment, divine treasure

Tuesday August 31, 2021

Best game by Mariano Torres. When will we nationalize it?