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Canada is a favorite country for students to start university or improve their education through postgraduate or doctoral degrees. For this reason, Fernando Torres, an accredited immigration consultant , Details of procedures for obtaining a study visa and mistakes we should not make.

Recall that from September 7, the entry of tourists into the country was approved and only those who have been vaccinated against Govt-19 due to the new corona virus infection will enter. Astrogeneka, Pfizer Y. Johnson & Johnson.

Vaccines from China or Russia are not allowed. Citizens who have these vaccines must spend a period of isolation in certified hotels in Canada and be subjected to the Covit-19 test and wait for results.Fernando Torres clarified in an interview for the El Comorcio team.

After taking this requirement into account, an accredited immigration consultant in Canada gave us five steps we need to take into account when obtaining a student visa on North American lands:

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1.-Choose an curriculum, a specific location and a special school: You can do this on the Internet. The school must be public, accredited and the student must be licensed to work upon graduation. In addition, when you complete your studies, the government offers you three years of employment.

The benefit provided by the government is that the student can come with their spouse and children. Due to the country’s interest in attracting international students, it is a great advantage that is unique to Canada. The husband is issued a work visa and the children are enrolled in the Canadian education systemE ”, Torres pointed out.

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2.-Apply to school: When applying, you must prove that you know English or French at an intermediate level. If you do not have enough level, you can study the language in Canada.

3.-Prove adequate funding: You need to prove that you are capable of paying for the degree you have applied for. How much does a college-level career cost in Canada? For two years it is 25 to 30 thousand Canadian dollars.

You do not have to pay everything, but to get a strong application, the appraiser wants to pay you for the first full year. Also, you should have a travel bag. If there are four people in the family, the luggage should be 25 thousand Canadian dollars. If you add $ 25,000 for a travel bag and $ 15,000 for school, that’s $ 40,000, or $ 33,000. A Peruvian family must have four people when applying.”, The expert explains and recalled that this application is a direct bridge to permanent residence and residency in Canada.

4.-Receive a letter of acceptance from the school: You will have to wait for the educational institution to send you a letter of approval or admission. Only then can you apply for a visa to immigrate to Canada.

5.-Apply for Visas to the Immigration Authority of Canada: With a letter of admission or approval from the educational institution, you must go to the embassy to request a visa for the whole family.

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Errors when applying for a visa

Remember not to make these mistakes, these are the main reasons for being denied a visa.

  • Trust those who have not been trained in visa processing in Canada. Be very careful not to cheat. Immigration experts are under intense scrutiny by Canadian authorities.
  • Improper submission of requirements or incorrect filling of Canadian visa issuance forms. For this reason, going to official consultants or going to approved immigration agencies can be very helpful.
  • Not enough funds are credited. Unfortunately, you can not apply for a student visa unless the family or student is convinced that they have the necessary funds for this purpose.
  • No roots shown. This is the most common reason for being denied a visa.
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Eye: Please note that applicants who have been sentenced to up to 10 years for misconduct are ineligible for any scheme. For more information, you can contact Fernando Torres, a Canadian accredited immigration consultant at [email protected], whatsapp + 1604-868-5899.

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