July 15, 2024


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The plane rescuing Mexican people in Ukraine was grounded in Canada

The plane rescuing Mexican people in Ukraine was grounded in Canada

Mexico City /

Flight to rescue fleeing Mexican people Conflict in Ukraine Landed in Gander, CanadaCreate a technical stop where you can refuel and review technical features.

The Boeing 737-800 crew of the 502nd Air Force check that the aircraft is in good condition and in optimal condition to pass, in the midst of the usual unpredictable weather in the geographical area near the Arctic. Atlantic.

The next scheduled stop on the humanitarian aid flight’s itinerary is Ireland, where it is scheduled to spend the night.

The plane was carrying 160 Mexican nationals who had entered Romania by land to seek refuge from an attack by Russian federal forces.

However, The number of Mexicans returning is not yet defined, This may change if more people are able to come to Bucharest on time. It is learned that there are about 50 people there at present.

According to the latest census Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The embassy has registered 96 families in Ukraine with a total of 225 members, including men, women and children.

The maneuvers to save the Mexican people living in Ukraine began on February 16, when the first group of about thirty people was transferred from Kiev to Ivano-Frankivsk, from where they crossed the Ukrainian border via the city of Siret this weekend.


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