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Osorio Ford of Canada scored, and Toronto FC drew against Dallas FC in Bob Bradley’s debut game.

Osorio Ford of Canada scored, and Toronto FC drew against Dallas FC in Bob Bradley’s debut game.

Toronto FC were announced Saturday in a 1-1 draw with FC Dallas taking place under new coach Bob Bradley.

Toronto, undergoing massive staff changes under Bradley, showed both good and bad, sometimes seemingly defensively erratic while showing flashes of independent attack. And even though he had more ball and good attacking play it didn’t turn into shots on goal.

But thanks to a goal scored by Jonathan Osorio shortly before the break, he recovered from an early deficit to leave the cold and wet Toyota field with a point early in the MLS season.

“From a football perspective I think, there are moments in that game and I hope we can be even sharper and better,” Bradley said.

“But I wanted to show that the whole team is committed to being a real team,” he added. “I’m satisfied with the reaction after the fall. The feeling after the game is that we are not in the best position, but it shows that we are moving in a good direction.

Colombian forward Jader O’Brien highlighted Dallas on a low cross by Paul Arola in the ninth minute, which should be confirmed by video review.

The goal came after Toronto defender Jacob Schaffelberg coughed the ball into a newly-converted full-back. After four passes, in the sixth and seventh innings, with Toronto’s defense, O’Brien then hit the ball into the net, hitting Schaffelberg on the post.

Watch Osorio tie TFC win against Dallas:

Osorio won the TFC tie against Dallas

Toronto FC drew 1-1 with FC Dallas this season. Later in the first half, Canadian men’s national team player Jonathan Osorio equalized. 1:09

The assistant referee raised the flag, but the goal was scored after referee Jair Marofu went to the Pitside TV screen for a second look.

Schaeffelburg Spain striker Jesús Jiménez corrected previous mistakes with a superb cross, which Osorio Jonny crossed into the net past defenders when he was on the spot to equalize in the 45th minute on TFC’s first shot. Mouse

It was Osorio’s 49th goal in all competitions for Toronto, and third in the club’s record books. This means he has scored with TFC all 10 seasons.

It appeared that the TFC would continue in the 67th minute when Spanish player Alejandro Posuello clashed with defender Jose Martinez near the edge of the penalty area. Marrufo mentioned a penalty, but later changed his mind after consulting VAR and reviewing the game on the pitch side screen.

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This was one of the many plays that featured the video review of the day.

When Toronto closed again in the 1930s, Dallas doubled its presence. O’Brien defeated Toronto’s Jackley Marshall Rutty and sent the ball to Jesus Ferreira, who brilliantly hit the ball to center-back Chris Mavinga. Areola sent the ball back to Ferreira, who knocked down goalkeeper Alex Bono from close range.

But after further review of the video, Murphy did not allow the goal to be offside.

Ferreira had a chance to win the title for Dallas, but the clock ticked, but his shot hit the side of the goal.

“You need to get a point”

“I think you should get a point,” said Toronto defender Shane O’Neill. “It’s a match won but lost. We take the point and improve.”

U.S. international winger Paul Ariola was bought by DC United in January on a major deal worth at least $ 2 million in public allocation and has been a dangerous man for Dallas all day.

The fast and elusive Areola, who had their hands on the opening goal, will value every penny in his 79 minutes on Saturday.

Toronto had 56.5 percent of the ball but lost 13-8 (3-1 shooting goal).

After his first game with Dallas, Spain coach Nico Estevez said: “The first game will always be a little tough.

“But overall, we’re happy with the performance because we created enough chances to win the tournament. We were not happy with the result because we wanted to win games on home soil.”

Toronto and Dallas are looking for better seasons

Both teams hope to write happy stories this season.

Toronto, who finished second in the Shield Supporters race in 2020, finished 26th out of 27 teams 6-18-10 last year, while Dallas finished 23rd 7-15-12.

Seventeen first-team players have left Toronto since last season, and young defender Luke Singh is expected to join the CPL squad on loan.

Italy superstar Lorenzo Einstein will not join Toronto until his current contract with Napoli expires, and Toronto have fielded two notable new players for Jimenez and Mexican international winger Carlos Chalcedo.

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Jimenez was dangerous at times, but went off the net with a header from a good position in the second half. Salceto looked strong despite being trapped in the middle of a trembling defensive line more than once. Mexico’s self-confidence manifested itself in many slippery challenges.

Toronto’s opening 11 featured five Canadians: Osorio, as well as 17 – year – old Marshall Rutte, 19 – year – old Jaden Nelson, and 22 – year – old Dentry Kerr and Schaffelberg. There were six more Canadians on the bench.

Marshall-Rudy and Schaffelberg, who have played as winger in the past, started as full-backs.

Bradley noted somewhat diplomatically that Schaffelberg “did not get off to a proper start”, but settled well. He said Marshall Rutte was “very good” at his debut as a full-back.

Although both players are very talented, turning two wings into linebackers seems like a leap of hope. Toronto is seeking help for this position, with Italian veteran Dominico Cristito expected to return from Genoa soon.

The most impressive of the young TFC guns was Nelson, who showed real talent on the ball.

Mavinga and Kerr came out on top in the first half

Bradley showed that he was not afraid to impress the players, replacing Mavinga and Kerr in the first half. Kerr did not get into the game when Mercury Mavinka did not do enough to satisfy his coach.

“The biggest thing we continue to challenge Chris is his ability to stay in touch with everything that happens around him,” Bradley said.

Bob’s son, captain Michael Bradley, finished second in all competitions at the Toronto Games with 254 points, along with recently retired linebacker Justin Morrow. Osorio leads with 293.

Bradley, who coached and played for the MetroStars in 2004, is one of only four father / son coach / player teams in Major League football history to be on the same team with Adrian and Harrison Heath (Orlando, 2015-16). ), Robert, Conrad and Rchesha (Columbus, 2013), and Josh and Owen Wolf (Austin, 2021-22).

Toronto returns home to host the New York Red Bulls next Saturday.

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Whitecaps suffer severe shutdown losses

Lucas Jellaroy scored and assisted, with host Columbus winning his first game of more than a decade against Vancouver 4-0 in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday.

Second-year forward Miguel Perry, who started under American national team forward Kiaci Jardes, bet the team to win 1-0 in the eighth minute, followed by Derek Etienne Jr. in the 25th minute to play the majority of the second half. Dropping a player

Luis Diaz scored in the 84th minute, and Jellaroyan scored the final goal two minutes later.

The Vancouver Whitecaps lost 4-0 to the Columbus Crew in the MLS campaign for the 2022 season on Saturday, marking the longest unbeaten series in Whitecaps history. (WhitecapsFC / Twitter)

Vancouver have not lost in eight games (five wins, three draws) in the series since Columbus won his first two games against an expanded team in 2011. This is the longest unbeaten series in Whitecaps history.

The crew’s first home opening was 32 degrees cold in the 20s.

Vancouver defender Rango Veselinovic started the Perry score with a little help. Perry received a pass from Jellarajan in the Upper Arc, which he rolled and headed for the goal after the first touch.

Clock | Whitecaps season begins with an ugly loss to the Columbus crew:

Whitecaps leads the team to start the MLS season

Columbus beat Vancouver 4-0 to open the 2022 Major League Soccer table. 1:03

The ball came from Veselinovich’s head and went over goalkeeper Thomas Hazel.

Last season, Perry finished fourth in the MLS in terms of goals scored in 90 minutes (0.86), scoring eight times in 840 minutes.

Etienne doubled the lead after off-season Ghana’s Yao Yova made a 30-yard overhand pass to the left of the penalty area. Etienne went to the far post to score.

The team had a 5-0 lead in shots on goal in the first half, and the afternoon was very difficult for the spectators as defender James Neroinski was sent to the second yellow in the 53rd minute. On Yeboah in the open air. . .

Eloy Room did not score in the match, while Hasel saved three times.

Crew went 3-0-3 in their last six home openers. This is the first of its kind on Lower.com, which debuted on July 3rd.