July 25, 2024


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Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica are trying to surprise the octagon

Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica are trying to surprise the octagon

The Confederate octagonal finale begins and the teams in the football zone are very clear on their purpose. While Mexico and the United States will start with wide options to access the exhibition directly, the remaining six teams will see the remaining tickets.

Canada, El Salvador and Jamaica are the three delegations that appear to be weakened by the recent absence of World Cups in Russia and Brazil.

Based on a winger-winger who shone in Germany with the best team in the Bundesliga, the Canadians have one of their best generations. La Selecta have not been able to shine in their quest for the World Cup for many years, and little by little it has lagged behind as it is difficult to grab the bottom of the octagon. While the Reggie Boys were in Lyon Bailey, they were responsible for finding their place in Qatar as their best exponent and best person.

So yes, all three of them, without a surprise, will be looking for that half-ticket in the face of competition, with teams like Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama experiencing a generational change, but competitive, if they develop their best football and not fall at home.

Maple leaf

Football in Canada has taken a different turn than previous processes. Previously, many players only wanted to make their debut in the MLS or make the leap in the Premier League. Now, many Canadian representatives are already in the best leagues in the world. While not as regular and present as expected, football in Portugal, Turkey, France, Serbia and England features Maple Leaf players who shine weekly.

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Undoubtedly, Alfonso Davis is the most important man to Canadians. Bayern Munich is considered the fastest player on the winger planet and can change the fate of the match with a start or cross. Davis goes through all the illusions of being in Qatar.


El Salvador’s challenge is to compete again. La Selecta have even forgotten to fight for a place in the World Cup, its restructuring is not over and despite its out-of-state talent, it will be the national league that will unite the backbone of the Cascatlegos. The time has come to return to the big levels, wanting to fight blue and white.


Alexander Roldan’s nationalism makes him a different player. The brother of American Christian Roldan, Alex Stars and Stripes wanted to defend La Selecta more than the team. For the band, Cusco should be the spearhead of the Seattle Saunders dive.

Los Reggie Boys

Jamaica has lived through everything in its history, but it has tasted the honeysuckle of the World Cup. In the already remote version of France 98, Reggie Boys snuck in among the guests. Now, with a young and hungry team, he wants to repeat the feat of reaching the Qatari lands, as they are back to compete not only with the best teams in the CONCACAP, but with the whole world.


The speed and agility that Leon Bailey shows weekly in the Premier League makes him sigh to see Jamaica on the field. Youngsters have the ability to change the history of a match with just a few touches of the ball. The responsibility of the Aston Villa player rests with the team

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