May 30, 2024


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Canada leads Switzerland to the Women’s World Championship final

Melody Dows beat Canada 4-0 against Switzerland in the semifinals of the Calgary Women’s Hockey World Championship on Monday.

Canada will face defending champions the United States in the final on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, the Americans beat Finland 3-0.

Canada returns to the gold medal game after losing to Finland and winning bronze in the 2019 semi-finals. For the first time in tournament history the Canadians did not make it to the final.

The Americans have chased the sixth world title and the ninth time in the last 10 World Championships. Canada last won in 2012 at Burlington, Vt.

Renata Fast scored a goal and an assist, Rebecca Johnston and two assistants Mary-Philip Paul drove for Host Canada.

Ann-Renee Despians introduces 10 storage stops. Andrea Brandley is a servant who stopped 61-65 shots on the net in Switzerland.

The 2020 Women’s Championship was canceled due to Government-19. The 2021 match moved to Coalfield when Nova Scotia was discontinued in May.

Dost led the championship with 10 goals and six assists in 10 games, with his partner Natalie Spooner scoring four goals and five assists.

Canada beat the United States 5-1, beating A4 4-0.

The Swiss finished 0-4 at the bottom of the pool.

Switzerland’s 3-2 extra time win over Russia in the quarterfinals on Saturday was their first victory.

The Swiss entered the Canadian zone from time to time on Monday.

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They spent more time and energy in their own zone, however, Canada beat them 65-10.

Johnston scored a far corner for a power play goal at 4:58 pm in the third period.

Swiss forward Nomi Rainer won the glove and post for the Despians with a short arm fracture in third place.

The Canadians paid the Swiss for Sarah Foster’s glove on Emily Clark’s face after Dowstein’s whistle with a power goal in the second period.

Pauline’s shot deflected Dowes into the air and hit Brandley at 5:20.

Dust hit with a long re-direct from a fast throw at 6:52 in the first half.

There was a lot of fast web to work from the slot when Brian Jenner fed her at 5:14 from jail.

Canada beat Switzerland 5-0 in the first round and have not conceded a single goal to Switzerland in eight World Championships.

Switzerland was without Olympic President M Mல்லller, who led the way with 10 goals and three assists in 10 games at the 2018 Olympics.

Switzerland lost to Russia in the first leg of the tournament and suffered an ankle injury.

The Swiss took the final four for the third time in tournament history. They won a bronze medal in 2012 and finished fourth in 2008.

Finland and Switzerland will play for bronze, while Russia and Japan will meet in a match for fifth place on Tuesday.