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Canada: We go to NNTC to find out what ways and facilities are available to study, work or live

Canada: We go to NNTC to find out what ways and facilities are available to study, work or live

It is one of the world’s greatest powers, not only providing economic stability and a better quality of life for its citizens, but also a better future for immigrants who want to live in its territory. For these reasons, they have made it a favorite place to study, work or live.

According to Fernando Torres, director of the Fernando Torres Immigration Consultancy in Vancouver, Canada, 79 programs for agility in visa procedures and immigration are some of the reasons why they are considered the best place for new opportunities.

The country has achieved an orderly, efficient immigration system that rewards the most talented immigrants and provides the opportunity to stay with their families. Peru is one of the few countries where a visa is processed in 20 days, compared to other countries where it lasts three months.Fernando highlighted Torres.

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Next, find out what facilities this country offers and ways to apply for residency, study or job according to Torres.


There are 79 immigration programs in Canada, each with different needs that respond to applicants’ needs and profiles.

Among them, there are programs of the Express Entry system, which provides permanent residency for those under 35, complete higher education, work experience and an intermediate level of English and French.

Special Student Live Stream for Residents of Peru allows you to get a study permit in just 20 days. Proof of Canadian schooling and proof of payment for first year study in the country is required.

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The above differ from humanitarian or family support programs. As for the assessment criteria for obtaining permanent residency, it is not a good position for another language, but a risk to the applicant’s integrity or family relationship with the Canadian citizen.

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Visa procedures

Canada will open its doors to international tourism on September 7th. Visas for this purpose may take 45 to 60 days to process for adults. On the other hand, this period was recently established by the Canadian Minister of Immigration, so study permits can be issued within 20 days.


Please note that applicants who have been sentenced to up to 10 years for misconduct are ineligible for any scheme.

Although the Canadian immigration system provides facilities for applicants, it also has a complex and special set of rules, so it is advisable to consider the advice of an immigration expert. . For more information, you can contact Fernando Torres, a Canadian accredited immigration consultant at [email protected] or whatsapp + 1604-868-5899.

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