April 22, 2024


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Canada wins first Olympic gold in women’s football

It was the surprise of the match. Women’s team Canada Declared Olympic champion for the first time in its history Such After winning the final Sweden The allotted time in the penalty shoot-out (2-3) ended in a 1-1 draw.

Thus breaking the bronze medals won by the Canadians London 2012 Y Rio de Janeiro 2016. Be the first, players Beverty Priestman They were imposed on one side Sweden, A To us Already in the semifinals (1-0) Brazil After a 0-0 draw (4-3) on penalties in the quarterfinals. In the group stage, he finished second behind Britain.

Canada Became the fourth country to engrave its name as the winner of the Olympics. Until then only To us (In four cases), Norway Y Germany They were listed as winners.

Played in the final Yokohama Ground, Sweden Advanced on the scoreboard with a goal Stina Blackstenius In 34 minutes, however, the North Americans were able to level the final twenty with a penalty. Jesse Fleming. The Swedes hung the silver medal for the second time in a row. Meanwhile, the bronze went United States, Imposed on Australia 4-3 in the consolation game.

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