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Top 6 Little-known Movies Related to War

Creators from different countries regularly present their visions of this war. Some show it via simple games, like slots at Woo Casino or online games. Others film remarkable movies. Here are 10 little-known contemporary movies on the subject.

Mai Wei, 2011

The movie is based on a true story that happened to a Korean soldier named Yang Gyeongyeon. Dreaming of a career as a runner, he was forced to join the army. He was captured several times and miraculously escaped death.

Son of Saul, 2015

Geza Roerig, Levente Molnar, Urs Rehn, and Mendy Kahan in the Oscar-winning drama by Laszlo Nemes. 1944. Auschwitz. The Hungarian prisoner Saul Auslander becomes an unwitting accomplice to the uninterrupted horror. As part of the Sonderkommando of one of the crematoria he is engaged in the burning of dead bodies. One day Saul recognizes his son among the pile of corpses.

In the midst of an inhuman nightmare, Saul decides to take the desperate step of saving a body from burning. He wants to arrange a dignified funeral and, to this end, seeks a rabbi who can conduct the service. Meanwhile, word spreads among the Sonderkommando that they are soon to be liquidated. Unwilling to accept such an end, the prisoners decide to stage a riot and destroy the crematorium. But Saul, one of the participants in the plan, is now focused only on the last honors for his son, whom he failed to take care of properly during his lifetime.

1944, 2015

Estonia, 1944. Here the world war divided the citizens of one country into two camps: some sided with the German side, while others joined the Red Army. Estonian citizens had to make their own choice.

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Miliy Hans, Dorogoy Petr, 2015

Jakob Diehl, Andrius Daryala, Birgit Minichmayr in Alexander Mindadze’s drama. The Soviet Union is on the eve of war. Relations with Germany are still friendly, so a group of German engineers freely comes on a business trip to the USSR. The Soviet and German specialists are working side by side. Hans, a German engineer at a glassworks, makes a fatal mistake which explodes the furnace and kills people. The typical investigation of those years begins with the search for the culprits. The only person who knows of Hans’ role in the tragedy is his Soviet colleague Petr. Now Petr appears to Hans as a sword of Damocles, which every second threatens to expose him. But the situation is more complicated: as much as Hans depends on Petr, so much so does Petr depend on Hans, for he cannot explain his presence at the accident scene. Thus, Hans and Petr find themselves bound together by a fatal mystery.

Nabarvené Ptáče, 2019

Eastern Europe, 1943. A Jewish boy, left without parents, seeks refuge in the midst of World War II. Wandering from village to village, he finds and loses loved ones, witnesses inhuman cruelty, and changes himself irrevocably.

A Hidden Life, 2019

The story of Franz Jägerstätter, a simple Austrian farmer, father of a family, who refused to swear an oath to Hitler when the Nazis came, even though he knew that resistance would cost him everything. A poetic film parable about humanity and the voice of conscience against the backdrop of a deafeningly inhumane war. The film was directed by Terrence Malick, one of the greatest directors of modern auteur cinema. “A Hidden Life” won him new prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and received high critical acclaim. The screenplay is based on the true story of a man who became a symbol of the Austrian resistance and was numbered among the blessed.

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The end of the 1930s and the early 1940s. A small and picturesque village in the Austrian hinterland. The life of the local farmer Franz Jägerstätter looks like an idyllic picture: together with his beloved wife, he works on the land, raises young daughters, and sincerely believes in God. But when the age itself tests the “simple pious” citizens, Franz is one of the few who survive the test. The only one in his village, he openly expresses his opposition to Hitler’s regime, although everyone understands the tragic and merciless retribution for his resistance.