April 22, 2024


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They reject the notion that electricity reform affects trade agreements with the United States and Canada

Mexico City. President Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador has ruled that the new power reform effort is reactionary or could affect trade agreements with the United States and Canada.

“There is nothing wrong. Look, then, they would have already told us about the US government, and we would have responded to them because we were respectful. If it were really something that would be detrimental to free trade, the markets would have already moved; it would have devalued. Our currency,” from Monday morning’s conference in Puebla The president said.

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Lopez Obrador confirmed that the new bill would be convenient for businessmen and ordinary citizens because not so much would be paid for electric power service.

“Probably those who felt they were the owners of Mexico” and those accustomed to paying less for the electricity service would regret it because the reform would not benefit private or foreign companies, which in the past wanted to pay less. Than someone from the middle class or popular sector.

Lopez Obrador had the opportunity to inform the nation from the morning conference that if the legislators were genuine representatives of the people when they supported the reform or were in the service of large corporations.

“I tell legislators immediately, this is not a threat, it’s a very small warning, nothing but anonymity. There are poisons we all face here because it’s in the interests of the people, they do not think they are going to vote against this reform, it will benefit the people, no one is going to find out. “If we do not cover, everyone here must accept their responsibility,” he told federal lawmakers.

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As for whether his Morena party will only ally with the PRI to advance reform in electricity matters, the president made it clear that “alliance and consensus will be sought with all political parties” because this is an effort that will benefit all Mexicans. Future generations.

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Addressing the issue of lithium regulation, the President stressed that the aspect of this reform could create more hatred than all of the above as it is a “strategic” mineral for the future and development of the country.

He made it clear that he could not say much, and that the most important thing was that “the property of the nation of Lithium” should be very clear in law.

It is a strategic mineral. Without this mineral, we would not be able to develop and we would not allow future Mexicans to carry lithium, ”he said.

He made it clear to Mexico that “we are not going to fight with anyone, but we want to be the owners of Lithium.”

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