April 22, 2024


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France beat Canada and Chile in the last match and the dream of 2023

Canada Defeated Chile 22 and 21 The first recycling competition thinks about a place France World Cup 2023. Canada’s victory came on a penalty kick in Robbie Boy’s last game The return match will take place next Saturday, October 9 in Valparaராசso.

The match was played like a final, in which each tooth was fought to the end, without teeth and nothing. Chile were good in the first half and despite excelling in a consistent setting, were able to score points on every opportunity available. The good intentions of the whole package, Santiago Videla composed three sentences for Los Condors Going from 9th to 5th, the team that got points in the first row in the first row thanks to an attempt in the second row, Cory Thomas.

In addition, Canada went in search of it with greater enthusiasm. The Toss indentos de scrum-half rose pride This is a clear example of the change of mindset of local players. However, Chile did not disappoint. Always standardized on defense and he knew how to do it, he strengthened himself through the game of his attacking players. Double-check in the second class called Clement Savetra Returning to the game seemed very difficult.

In the 21-19 game against Los Gunders, Canada tried to reach the goal with more force than ideas. Chile defended themselves as much as they could until the final, giving kicker Robbie Boy at least a chance to stop celebrating Canada.

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In a week, both teams will meet again. Valparaiso. It will be a different fight, and it will determine which team will play in the rematch against the series defeat against the United States and Uruguay.

Effect of combining proposal and counter:

Canada (22): 1- Zeus Sears Turo, 2- Eric Howard, 3- Tyler Roland. 4- Corey Thomas, 5- Kyle Bailey. 6- Lucas Ramball (Ingles), 7- Matt Hayden, 8- Chiaki Vigilani. 9- Ross Broad 10- Peter Nelson. 11- Kenova Lloyd, 12- Spencer Jones, 13- Ben Lasage, 14- Brooke Webster. 15- Apricot Cooper.

changes: Dakota del Sur

Alternative: 20- Michael Smith, 21- Jason Higgins, 23- Patrick Barbray.

Coach: Kingsley Jones

Chile (21): 1- Vittorio Lastra, 2- Augusto Bom, 3- Madus Titus; 4- Clement Shavitra 5 Javier Weissman. 6- Martin Sechrin (English), 7- Raimundo Martinez, 8- Alfonso Escobar. 9- Marcelo Torelpa- 10- Rodrigo Fernandez; 11- Franco Velardi, 12- Matos Karavolik, 13- Domingo Savitra, 14- Nicholas Karavolik. 15- Santiago Videla.

changes: ST: 9´ Vittorio Lostra and Augusto Bom, 18 Damans de Celande and Javier Carrasco Igaki Ayarasa. Nicholas Caravolic, 24 ‘Salvador Luis Matthias Titus, 25’ Nicholas Heros Marcelo Dorilpa

Alternative: 19- Augusto Charmindo, 20- Santiago Pedro, 21- Thomas Orchard,

Coach: Pablo Lemoine

First time points: 21 and 31 sentences Santiago Videla (China), 32 degrees Cory Thomas (center), 40 degrees Santiago Videla (China).

Final Part: Canada 5-9 Chile

Second points: 3 and 8, Ross Prudet’s attempts were replaced by Peace Nelson (C), 11´ Clement Chavetra (CH), 26´ Clement Chavetra’s attempt

Advised: ST: 10´ Tyler Roland (C); 18´ Javier Carrasco (CH)

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Basketball Ground: Westhills Ground