June 15, 2024


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The Queens of the Caribbean beat Canada and go against the United States this Friday

The Caribbean Queens beat Canada 3-0 (25-11, 25-15, 25-20) in the fourth game in a row to warm up the court for this Friday night’s game. Dominicans against the United States, they will define the head of the table of the opening round of this Women’s Pan American Volleyball Cup.

Canada gave little resistance to the Queens finishing the engagement in 46 minutes.

For the Dominican Republic, Kyla Gonzalez had 12 points, Jr. Martinez nine and Yonkira Pena seven. As for Canada, Hillary Howe 10 and Melissa Lankecker.

The Dominican team is trying to strengthen its squad with young players, showing only what is in its reserves, especially for temporary moments, especially since the six nations participating in the current tournament have not traveled with their entire team. Little remaining Mexico.

In this match of the Bon American Volleyball Cup, coach Marcos Quick did not want to give chances to doubts because he tried to get the only ticket to the Bon American game, which will be taken by the champion team, or he wants to give a good show for him. Dominican public, interested in Queens of the Caribbean.

For this match, the fourth of the trophy, Quick Annaris Valdes (not in the previous match), opened with a top sextet with Niverka Marte, Priscilla Rivera, Yonkira Pena, Jr. Martinez and Kyla Gonzalez. Two guns were missing, Braille Martinez (in rescue position) and Bethany de la Cruz. Braille was on the list for this game, but did not play.

There was no change in the first set to confirm no doubt, the second Madeline Gillan and Stephanie Rabbit were spotted.

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The Caribbean Queens started the first set without any hesitation. They rallied 5-0, which led Canadians to ask for time. On the return he continued and went 6-0, until the Dominican stopped progressing, which went into first technical time with an 8-1 advantage. And second 16-8.

In the second set they opened 6-0 and despite some resistance from the Canadians, the Dominican attack continued unabated. The rhythm continued for both teams, one on the path to victory and the other knowing their luck as the game progressed.