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Canada, World Tennis Power and Possible Double US Open 2021

Canada, World Tennis Power and Possible Double US Open 2021

Something is changing in the world of tennis, where the process of globalization is seen, which has greatly reduced the dominance of the leading nations throughout history, resulting in the emergence of avant-garde and other nations known to invest in a rational way. Promoting this game and creating a network of competitions, clubs and coaches that are conducive to the emergence of talent. For a long time the United States, Australia, Russia, Spain, Great Britain or France were not the only ones to show great dominance, but were increasingly threatened by Italy or similar countries. Canada, Present and future reference countries. In which US Open 2021Canadian tennis has a key role to play in achieving something historic.

Also has two semifinalists, one in the men’s box Felix Agar-Aliasim, And another in the female box Lela FernandezThe recent history of the game allows North American country dreamers to dream of the most extraordinary of the Grand Slam. But we must add that, since 2014, a total of 6 Canadian tennis players have made it to the Grand Slam finals. Eugene Bouchard and Milos Ranic The spear of a process of national origin, lived with foreknowledge skills and longevity in the future. Bianca Andrescu, Lela Fernandez, Denis Shapovalov and Felix Agar-Aliasim.

Of work Tennis Canada He has long excelled in promoting the sport, importing international coaches and developing first-class infrastructure to develop innovative and pioneering methods at the technical level for the training of tennis players. Gone are the days of immigrating to the United States to train young Canadian talents, Canada is now the nerve center of world tennis and the confluence of international talents, due to more immigration to the North. Shapovalov, Aliasim, Rayonic or Fernandez, all of them were born in Canada to immigrant parents in that country.

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However, no one thinks that this US Open 2021 will be four games away from achieving something that has not already happened in the world of tennis since 2003, because both winners are from the same country. It was United States The country has seen how the two comrades succeeded Australian Open D 2003, Being protagonists Andre Agassi and Serena Williams. Thanks to the dominance of Sampras, Agassi, Davenport, Serena, Gabriatti many times in the 20th century and four times in the 21st century, except for the country of stars and stripes, the other four nations have won only one Grand Slam doubles title:

-Australia: Repeated between 1969 and 1976, with names such as Rod Laver, Margaret Court, Evon Coolcong, John Newcomb, Ken Rosewall and Mark Edmundson.

-C Republic: My US Open 1985 Con Evan Lendl y Hana Montligova

-Germany: Boris Becker and Steffi Graf at Wimbledon 1989 and US Open 1989

-Spain: Roland Kros in 1994 and Roland Kros in 1998 in both Sergi Bruguara, Carlos Moye and Arantza Sanchez-Vicario.

The dominance of the Big 3 in terms of Grand Slam titles since 2005 has greatly reduced the chances of a double, so there will be many fans who do not think that two tennis players from the same country have won the same match. Canada already has a chance to do this US Open 2021With Felix Agar-Aliasim And Lela FernandezBut they have all the votes to be a great nation in world tennis for many years to come, regardless of whether they win or not.

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