April 22, 2024


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Canada’s trade surplus peaked in November

Dollar. Photo: Bexels

Canada’s figures for November a Trade surplus $ 3.1 billion, the highest level in 13 years.

Canada reported $ 58.6 billion in exports In November, floods in British Columbia affected port operations, but reached a record high of 3.8% over the previous month. (See more news International)

The company explained that export Consumer goods 9% increase to C $ 7.3 billion, mainly driven by the pharmaceutical sector.

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“In November, large ships of antiviral drugs Govit-19 Came to Canada for packaging and labeling. Most of these drugs were exported in the same month, which boosted figures for both imports and exports, ”Statistics Canada said.

Similarly, exports To us They broke a record high of 6.4% C $ 45.2 billion compared to October.

Through this behavior, the Trade surplus Canada, with the United States, reached its highest level since 2006, rising from C $ 8.8 billion in October to C $ 9.8 billion in the end of the year.

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