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Germany vs Canada Live (0-1) Agar starts to surprise Alyssam Sverre | 01/06/2022

4:58 AM12 minutes ago

20 Set Sverev (4-6 4-3) Agar Aliasim

The German tennis player saved four break balls to stay alive in the match

4:33 AM36 minutes ago

20 Set Sverev (4-6 1-1) Agar Aliasim

Zverev and Auger Alisame had a hard time winning the game because the game was empty

An hour ago 4:24 AM

Agar Aliasim won the first set 6-4

4:15 an hour ago

10 Set Swerve (4-5) Agar Aliasim

Agar will help win the first set of the game

An hour ago 4:05 AM

10 Set Swerve (2-4) Agar Aliasim

Agar Aliasam saved four break balls from Sverev 0-4 and did not use it.

An hour ago 3:54 AM

10 Set Swerve (1-3) Agar Aliasim

Sverev failed to win through a serve, while the Canadian player found himself comfortable and won easily.

An hour ago 3:46 AM

10 Set Swerve (0-2) Agar Aliasim

He starts by supporting the Canadian when he breaks service in the first game of the tournament

An hour ago 3:42 AM

The second match began

I start by taking out the swear

3:19 AM2 hours ago

Second match

Zverev and Auger Aliassime, who finished 3rd in the next match to be held soon, are 11th.

3:18 PM2 hours ago

Shabavlov won Canada’s first point

3:16 PM2 hours ago

30 Set Stuff (6-7 6-4 3-6) Shapovalov

Shabavalov is undefeated and ends the match with his second match ball to give Canada the first point

2:51 AM2 hours ago

30 Set Stuff (6-7 6-4 1-4) Shapovalov

The Canadian tennis player saves two break balls and prevents the stuff from coming into the match

2:40 AM2 hours ago

3º Set Stuff (6-7 6-4 1-3) Shapovalov

Both tennis players win by service in favor of whites

2:23 AM3 hours ago

20 Set Stuff (6-7 6-4) Shapovalov

The German tennis player wins the second set and the match is decided in the third set

2:20 PM3 hours ago

2º Set Stuff (6-7 5-4) Shapovalov

There will be service in favor of building materials

2:03 AM3 hours ago

20 Set Stuff (6-7 3-1) Shapovalov

The materials in his second break chance to give Canada the first point of the series are managing it

1:57 AM3 hours ago

2º Set Stuff (6-7 1-1) Shapovalov

Items wanted to change the score came out, but the stuff came back from 0-30 and was able to save a break ball

1:41 AM3 hours ago

Shapovalov won the first set

1:40 AM3 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (6-7) Shapovalov

The Canadian tennis player won the tiebreak and captured the first set of the tournament

1:29 PM4 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (6-6) Shapovalov

The first set will be determined at the tie-break as the stuff is saved by two break balls

1:21 AM4 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (5-5) Shapovalov

Shabavalov, who is not in the service of playing the blank game for the second time in a row

1:12 AM4 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (4-4) Shapovalov

This is the second empty game for a Canadian tennis player in this close match

1:03 AM4 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (3-3) Shapovalov

Stuff responds in an empty game, and Shabavalov is not left to maintain equality in the match

1: 004 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (2-2) Shapovalov

Now it was the opposite, the German tennis player suffered and won the Canadian empty game.

12:52 AM4 hours ago

10 Set Stuff (1-1) Shapovalov

Items are easy to exchange, something else Shapovalov suffered

12:25 AM5 hours ago

Players come out hot

Stuff and Shapovalov are already in the Kudos Bank arena, ready to start the series between Germany and Canada

12:24 AM5 hours ago

Stuff vs Shapovalov

Germany have a 5-2 lead last year, having met twice with one win for each player

12:22 AM5 hours ago

Sequence of the game

The clash between Stuff vs Shapovalov will begin, the singles division will end with Zverev vs Auger Aliassime and the duo will face the Krawietz / Puetz duo against Auger Aliasime and Shapovalov.

12:20 AM5 hours ago

What does Canada need to qualify for?

Canada also need to win 3-0 to reach the ATP Cup semi-finals if they beat Canadians 3-0 and draw with Great Britain in a direct clash

12:18 AM5 hours ago

What qualification does Germany need?

If Germany wants to qualify, it must win all three points because if it hits two, the draw with Great Britain will not be in Germany’s favor.

12:17 AM5 hours ago

Group c

It is led by Great Britain with two points, followed by the United States, Germany and Canada by one point, while Great Britain vs. USA already played Great Britain vs USA.

12:15 AM5 hours ago

Everything is ready

The ATP CUP’s Germany vs Canada start in minutes, where they will play to qualify for the semifinals.

5:50 AM The day before

How to see Germany vs Canada in Davis Cup ATP Cup?

5:45 AM The day before

At what time will Germany vs Canada play in the ATP Cup?

5:40 AM The day before

These are the players from Germany for the ATP Cup

5:35 AM The day before

Summary of Zverev vs Shapovalop on ATP CUP 2021

5:25 AM Day ago

How does Germany get there?

Germany beat Serbia and Austria in their two games at the Davis Cup to advance to the quarterfinals against Great Britain, where they won, but lost to defending champions Russia in the semi-finals. They did not start well when they lost 1-2 to Great Britain in this ATP Cup, but they still have options after beating the United States 2-1.

5:20 AM The day before


They have met Germany and Canada three times, with two wins for the Germans and one win for the Canadians. Most recently, Germany won the 2021 ATP CUP Group stage and reached the semifinals. This time in 2020 they beat Canada this time on the same platform and qualified for the quarterfinals. In 2018, it was their first clash at the Hopman Cup, where the German team won 3-0.

5:15 AM Day ago


The event will be held at the 21,000-capacity Kudos Bank Stadium in Sydney, built for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

5:10 AM Day ago

Competitive preview

Germany and Canada play in the third match of the ATP CUP Group Round. They are in Group C along with the United States and Great Britain. All four teams are in balance with one point

5:05 AM Day ago

Welcome to the live broadcast of VAVEL.COM of the Germany vs Canada ATP Cup match

My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalco and I will be his antifreeze for this game. We will provide you with pre-meeting analysis and live news from VAVEL.