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Corona virus Canada: Man wants to hit nurse who vaccinated his wife against Govt-19 | Brunet | NNTC | The world

Officers They are looking for someone who has hit the nurse several times in the face. After he was vaccinated against this To your spouse.

When he entered the Brunett pharmacy in Sherbrook last Monday morning, the 40-year-old nurse was accused of vaccinating without his wife’s permission. This was stated by Sherbrooke Police Spokesman Martin Carrier .

“The suspect was so angry and so aggressive that he asked the nurse why he had vaccinated his wife without her wife’s consent.The spokesman said.

“He punched her several times in the face so the nurse didn’t have time to defend herself or explain herself … she fell to the ground and the suspect ran out of the pharmacy.”, Finished.

On Canada There are no laws indicating that people need their spouse’s permission to be vaccinated, and according to the aforementioned media, it is unclear whether the wife consented to the nurse.

The 40-year-old woman was taken to a nearby hospital with a facial injury. At this point, the pharmacy indicated that it had discontinued the use of the vaccine.

Canada 69.8% of its population has been vaccinated and most citizens have adopted public health measures.

Authorities did not have the name or photos of the attacker. However, there is an explanation for this, and it is hoped that the public will be able to identify with it.

The attacker was described as 30 to 45 years old, with short brown hair, thick eyebrows, two small piercings on each ear and a cross-shaped tattoo on the arm.

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