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Canada is challenging the stability of its mining economy

Canada is challenging the stability of its mining economy

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Natalie Campbell, President of the Secretariat of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Project, presented the Canadian Plan 2020, an ambitious and sustainable plan for its mining development that allowed her to be a leader in the global industry.

The (CMMPAn effort as a result of the extensive participation and involvement of the National Government, Canadian regions, industry, indigenous peoples and other actors to pursue the North American country’s major mining priorities.

Its growth was born in 2017, after sectoral evaluation, when concerns were raised in key areas: exploration projects fell, as well as mining projects and public investment in Canada.

From the application of CMMP, We received more than 146 links dedicated to the mining industry with communities and 2,070 online operations for the expansion of analytics, in which they provided us with official proposals with ideas for future projectsSays Campbell.

The CMMP A project initiated by the Canadian Ministry of Mining, in conjunction with a solid partnership with stakeholders in the mining and industry sectors.

By 2020, that includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau CMMP Canadian Action Plan 2020 A set of tasks based on 6 strategic points for sustainable work in action.

These points include economic growth and competitiveness; Increased participation of the tribal community with a program that respects rights, dialogue and consensus; Conserving the environment, reducing waste and looking for new renewable energy sources; To promote science, technology and innovation, innovative ecosystems; Good relationship with communities; Finally, build global leadership with good business practices.

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Campbell explained the functionality and key ideas of the project on the third day of the main event Rambo A. Perumin, the main conference of the bicentennial edition.

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