April 22, 2024


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The Canadian government announced on Friday that Beijing has released two Canadians, Michael Spavar and Michael Gowrik, who have been detained in China since December 2018 in retaliation for the arrest of Hawaii CEO Meng Wancho in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday night that “two Michaels”, who are well known in the country, have been released by Chinese authorities and are already heading to Canada.

Allegedly spying in China, “Two Michael” accused the bank of fraudulently avoiding sanctions against Iran just hours after he was released from Canada after signing a deal with the US government. By Washington.

During a press conference announcing the release of two Canadians in Ottawa, Trudeau praised the Prime Minister for their “strength, perseverance, resilience and compassion” during their nearly 1,000 days in Chinese custody.

An avid Trudeau explained that the “Two Michael” plane had taken off from China for Canada at 7.30pm (11.30pm GMT) Ottawa time on Friday. But Trudeau announced that the plane carrying the two Canadians had been released 12 minutes after leaving Chinese airspace.

While Trudeau revealed the release of Spawar and Gowrick, a businessman who specializes in trade with North Korea, and a diplomat on leave, Canadian broadcaster Meng said he left the country on a private plane.

Meng, who has been out on bail in Vancouver since December 2018 and lived with his family in one of the two mansions he owns in the Canadian city, was released on Friday after the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Canada) signed the order to complete the lead process.

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Earlier, Meng and Hawaii reached an adjourned lawsuit with US authorities, which automatically halted the extradition process, which began in Canada in 2018.

After his release, during a press conference in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Smiling Meng thanked the judge in his case, Heather Holmes, for following the “professional” and “rule of law” of the Canadian government.

Meng, who read his full report and did not accept questions from the media, said his life over the past three years has become “a mother, a wife and an executive at a Hawaiian company.”

The publication of Meng, Spear and Gowrik puts an end to the most serious diplomatic crisis in the history of relations between Canada and China.

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