July 25, 2024


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Cele will face Canada and will be very cool

Cele will face Canada and will be very cool

The national team will play two opponents in the same elimination match this Friday night at 8:05 p.m.

We say this because the tricolor flag will face Canada and face the most severe cold, according to the website weather.comTemperatures are expected to hover around -6 degrees Celsius during the night of the fighting between Dicos and Canadians.

The same page warns that it is not uncommon for snow to do its thing at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Santos de Guapillas were in Canada a week ago, so we talked to coach Eric Rodriguez to see if the cold could be unbearable.

On November 2, Sandistas faced Forge FC for the Confederations Cup at Tim Hortons Field, in which Quapilinos lost 3-0 and were eliminated 4-3 in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

According to Rodriguez, eighty percent of players do not handle such low temperatures, and despite the court’s spying on whether they will get a little used to the things they experience a day later, the temperature has always screwed them into the game. .

“The temperature was -1 degrees, which affected us a lot. I think practically all players have been in this kind of climate for the national team, however, it is important to respect the pre-game warm-up issue very much,” he said. .

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The coach commented that the coaches had done a lot of research in this regard before the game.

“We saw that it was good to spy on the court, but we were afraid that a player would get sick, warming up in the dressing room and using warm clothes, gloves and the like.

“The Canadians are taking advantage of the weather. The forge bench was hot, not ours. That’s why we wanted the game against Perez Gelaton to be suspended because the players could get used to it if we left early. You need to know the breathing problem, the first half costs us a lot,” he said. Insisted.

The coach of the Guabilino team shared some balls for the Major’s coaching staff.

Rodriguez recalled that they turned to hot drinks, which is another tip that can be used by the tricolor.

“Some people had coffee, chocolate and tea. Half the time they changed their clothes because the clothes they used at the start of the game were already wet. It helped the team in the second half because they looked better.

“Also, they were wearing thermal Lycra, most of them were wearing gloves. We were wearing collars, but the referee did not allow us to wear them.”

Rodriguez also commented that it is important to keep an eye on Christ with younger players.

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“The team has experience in this type of climate and we talked to a section of the Federation staff and they gave us advice.

“For me, the main thing is to change the time and, above all, focus on the unfamiliar boys and see how they adapt and feel, because warm-up is so important,” he said. .