June 12, 2024


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Cody Rhodes shares a brutal photo of increased bruising

Cody Rhodes shares a brutal photo of increased bruising

Cody Rhodes has continued to chronicle the developments of his ripped pectorals across social media, and has now shared another brutal photo of his bruising.

Fans first got a glimpse of the injury when he took off his jacket prior to the WWE Hell In A Cell main event, which showed purple bruising and swelling on his chest, and slightly on his arm. Since then, the bruises have only intensified.

latest photo, Like the ones I dropped yesterday, comes from his Instagram Stories, with a screenshot below from WWE on BT Sports, and shows how the bruises continued to expand. Now, purple bruises advanced all the way from his arm to his wrist.

News of Rhodes’ injury initially started just hours before Sunday’s premier live event. Despite the obvious pain he was in, Rhodes still treaded inside the steel structure of the competition. The two men put it all on the line, as American Nightmare took some big bumps and straight shots at the affected area throughout the match. Ultimately, Rhodes would come out on top, posting three straight Premier Live Event wins over Rollins.

Then the former AEW star started ‘WWE Raw’ this week To address the elephant in the roomHow severe is his injury? He didn’t cry when he talked about his daughter and how he would get her to watch the match when she got older to show how he stood and fought. With WWE’s Money In The Bank approaching the company, Rhodes also made it clear that he still wanted the bag. The clip ended with an attack by Rollins that resulted in Rhodes giving up his stretcher to walk backwards on his own.

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Can Rhodes universally praised for his performance Inside the steel structure last Sunday, with legends from his former and current teammates all praising him his daring efforts. it is now He is scheduled to undergo surgery this week.

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