June 23, 2024


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HBO Cancels Dimond JJ Abrams Long Pregnancy

HBO Cancels Dimond JJ Abrams Long Pregnancy

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams
picture: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for TCM)

When JJ Abrams opens a mysterious chest, we expect him to play with us somewhere in between two And the 92 hours Before arriving at a serviceable but not entirely satisfactory answer for anything.

Unfortunately, some mysterious chests will not be closed.

JJ Abrams Dimond No more. This is not what it used to be. But now, that cannot be the case. HBO killed the project they won in Bidding war with Apple in 2018. The series was slated to be Abrams’ first original television production since 2008. However, HBO didn’t want to pay more than $200 million for a French-titled show — at least not the property that doesn’t include the words “Joker” and “two”. The Hollywood Reporter Puts it straight: until Dragon Housethe new Game of thrones A prequel, costing less than $200 million, and that could disappoint fans just as much as Abrams does.

This is the second show to receive a pass from HBO since Abrams and Bad Robot entered into a multi-million dollar total deal in 2019. HBO has already declined to make a reservation at look upa shining A prequel that would apparently be built from a shiningContrasting that any studio could invest in a vertical, modular, synergistic cross-giant of the network. Now set to Netflix, look up It has no release or cast date.

Dimond It was starring Daniel Didweiler from eleventh station And the guards. The producers are currently shopping the show to other broadcasters, including Apple, which is said to have sought an exclusive $500 million deal with Abrams and Bad Robot which was turned down by the director. apparently, he is Still on good terms; Abrams is working on a Wachowski less fast racer TV seriesa innocent seriesand a show called Jennifer Garner called My glory was to me like these friends. He’s also doing a U2 series written on Netflix, which he can keep, and another season Westworld. So there’s no shortage of Abrams, even if we’ve never seen anything Dimond I was.

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