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Column of Maria Jose Navia: Read in Canada

This country amazes us with the enormous amount of literature that needs constant attention. Canadian literature has been on the screen for a long time, and it’s just some adaptations of the series and movies that dominate the dialogue. An example: Margaret Atwood. More names and suggestions here.

Some time ago, at an awards ceremony Washington DC They asked the writer if I was lucky enough to attend Richard Ford He wrote “The Great American Novel” and seemed to give it a title Canada. The audience all laughed. For many years, the idea Best American Novel Flew over American literature (and there are those who believe they will find it in topics like that Moby Dick Oh Infinite humor Oh Great Gatsby) And many times when we think of North American literature we tend to focus on the writers of that country, but the truth is, the enormous literature that Canada must continue to focus on amazes us.

They may think they know nothing about literature from that country, but it is quite possible that this is not true. The Canadian Literature It has been on the screen for a long time and only a few of its adaptations for the series and movies dominate the dialogue. An example: Margaret Atwood. Eternity recommended Nobel Prize for Literature And has been very popular for adapting the Hulu series for some years The story of the maiden. A book she had to write later – she felt compelled and compelled – a sequel: Wills. I dare not say that all of those books are at best or, at best. In fact, the dangerous post-apocalyptic trilogy is paired with a dangerous virus மடத்தடம் முத்தொகுப்பு And passed Orix Y. Craig, Year of the Flood And மத்தாடம். He has another series on Netflix: Nickname grace.

Another name that sounds too much for the award Anne Carson, A writer and translator who was able to create his own style that brought poetry closer to essays and artwork. In one of his best books, KnoxCarson writes about his brother’s death in an uncut text (a kind of accordion of pictures and words) in which he reflects on the translation of death and an elegy. The result is attractive and moving. Also, if we are talking about Nobel, it was won by a wonderful short story writer from Canada a few years ago: Alice Munro, Except for their stories (all), I highly recommend Get away from her, An adaptation of her story “The Bear Game Over the Mountain” and directed by Canadian and wonderful director Sarah Foley (about her, I especially recommend the documentary The stories we tell And film Take this Waltz) Now, if it’s about extraordinary storytellers, my undisputed favorite is the Mavis calendar, the third person to publish more stories (116!). New Yorker (On the first check of the magazine, legend has it that he bought a red crocodile leather wallet and went to dedicate himself to living in Paris). Their stories, which they apparently hide in everyday events and trivial endless pieces, are collected in a good volume in Lumen. They too Stories of Lynnet Muir One of his novels published by Ederna Cadencia and Impatimenta: Green water, green sky.

Another name that sounds very much to the award is being able to create her own style that brings writer and translator Anne Carson’s poetry closer to essays and art. At Knox, one of his greatest books, Carson wrote an uncut text (a kind of accordion of pictures and words) about his brother’s death, in which he reflected on the translation of the death and an elegy.

But let’s go back Netflix Another adaptation of a great Canadian artist: Sweet tooth Jeff Lemiral. There we see the end of a kind of world, a virus spreads, and the beauty of the story does not precisely mitigate the blow that strikes us (another suggested by Lemaire: Essex County) In the world of comics, other voices who have worked together on works such as Relatives Jillian and Mariko Tamaki stand out. This is a summer (Translated as That summer) And portray adolescence with unprecedented beauty, or Brian Lee O’Malley with his work adapted to cinema, Billy Pilgrimage (Played by Michael Sera).

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Other authors, who translate little by little and bring intimate and powerful worlds, especially those who are very careful about the reality of women, Rachel Cusk And Miriam Deuce. Cusk has become very popular in recent times with his trilogy published in the Ascarid books: Backlight, Transportation
And BeforeStigma But it also contains other destructive novels like this The rest Or, your most recent, Second house. Although Cusco is seen as self-centered, his inquiry into memory and the daily has a brilliance that is not commonly found in this type of literature. Meanwhile, Deuce Margaret Atwood is dazzled by her novel They talk (In English: Women talk), Published in Spanish by Sexto Piso, describing the atrocities suffered by women in the Mennonite colony in Bolivia. His best book for me My minor tragedies, Not yet translated, in which the relationship between the two sisters is truly masterfully told. Toe was recently released Fight night, He continues to investigate the lives of women in a family.

Two Canadian writers describing the greatest love Marion Engel With Bear And Elizabeth Smart Within it
I sat and cried at Grand Central Station. Also, Lean Shapton, a brilliant writer who combines storytelling with visual art in provocative ways to approach human relationships, for example, tells the story of a couple through items that are up for sale at auction or referring to your partner’s ex. In Was she beautiful? Shapton talks about his past as a professional swimmer Swimming studies (Her only book translated into Spanish). Also, Ruth Oseki is another writer who makes things speak in her stories One story at a time (Translated into Spanish The effect of a butterfly flying in Japan) And above all, it is the most recent Form and emptiness book.

Novel Dominic Forty Chopra Emily Dickinson, Paper cities, For Minkula Publishing. In it, the life of the American poet is written at the same time as describing his visit to his home or pilgrimage. From Dickinson’s Little Worlds, we move on to the magnificence of memory in the work of another author of Canadian French literature who appeared at Random House this year. It is about Mary-Claire Place with her monument But And has been repeatedly described as “the best secret in Canadian literature”. The work of Dion Brand (born in Trinidad and Tobago and later immigrated to Canada at the age of seventeen) will soon be translated and kept very secret, especially his reflections on owning and reading. Autobiography of Reading Or, her most favorite, A map for the non-return door.

There are many more names, opening the box of Canadian literature is like discovering surprise after surprise. What Beautiful losers Leonard Cohen or horror trilogy Robertson Davis (Salterton trilogy, The Deadport trilogy, Cornish trilogy And unfinished Toronto trilogy) Or painful beautiful poems Anne Michaels (She also has a novel, Fleeing pieces, As translated into Spanish Leaky parts) Or the more award-winning Eleanor Cotton (born in Canada but lives in New Zealand) Luminaires. For me, a prominent last name on my list is Michael Ondatje, a Sri Lankan-born storyteller and poet whose novel is familiar to you (presented with Booker and adapted into the Cinema and Oscars): English patient. I’m a lost fan of Ondotjay, and I love everything he writes: Anil’s ghost, Divisatoro, War lamp, Running in the family, Cat’s table, As well as his poems Signature.

I sat and cried at my Gran Central station with two Canadian writers Marion Engel and Oso and Elizabeth Smart describing the tremendous love affair. Also, Leanne Shapton, a brilliant writer who combines narrative with visual art in provocative ways to approach human relationships, for example, tells the story of a couple through auctioned items, or are you referring to your partner’s ex? Was she beautiful?

The worlds that Canadian literature offers us are so beautiful and complex. I hope they get more and more readers every time.

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* Maria Jose Navia is a writer and educator in the correspondence of the University of Pontifia Catalica de Chile.

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