April 22, 2024


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Movie Stars: Successful From the Shadow

Being seen on events and social media is a must these days. But, some movie stars prefer their privacy. They don’t share every step on Facebook or Instagram and don’t fill up tabloids every day. They are still famous, rich, and working but in silence. Privacy is a huge issue these days, and people are paying more attention to their security. Movie stars attract many people, and everyone wants to know their personal information, but after all, they are ordinary people like everybody else.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is most famous for his acting in Harry Potter. He doesn’t use social media because he is already in the big spotlight even without it. Social media make him uncomfortable. He said that he sometimes scrolls through Twitter and reads posts. That is unusual for one 32 year old, but it makes sense if you look at it from the perspective of one of the most famous actors.

Still, you can see Daniel Radcliffe in a lot of other places. From movies to toys like Legos, plush toys and boarding card games. You can find his Harry Potter character in console titles for many platforms and even slot machine games. Yes, there are a couple of Harry Potter-themed slot machine games for his most avid fans (you can check it out here – video slots). Although they are not officially licensed, they tag along with recognizable elements from the movies and other Harry Potter symbols. They also came up with some of the most ingenious names for those slot games, like “Spell Academy” or “Griffin’s Thrones.”

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Rachel McAdams

If you ever watched a romantic movie drama, it is an excellent chance that Rachel was in it. She ignores social media entirely and, in addition to that, doesn’t even have television. Rachel has been in theatre and movies all her life. That could be the reason why she protects her privacy and ignores tabloids. She is interested in ecology, and she is a famous green environmentalist; she even made and narrated two long-length documentary movies about the industrial impact on nature.

Edward Regan (Eddie) Murphy

Eddie is a famous comedian, and he starred in a lot of movies. In addition, he gives a voice in a significant number of cartoons, from Norbit and Dr. Dolittle to the 48 hours. His most famous voice-over is Shreks best friend Donkey. Eddie has his Funko Pop! toys from his famous movie Coming to America. Eddie has his Eddie Murphy Productions and keeps himself out of the spotlight. He is a comedian and actor by blood, so he didn’t have other business ventures besides acting and producing. Doing voices in cartoons is the only other thing besides acting that he does and enjoys.

Julia Roberts

This famous curly redhead woman is a famous actress. She once said that Social media is like candy. It’s sweet for a second and then disappears. 1990. Julia made Pretty woman, that movie positioned her on the list of Hollywood’s greatest actresses. Since 2009. Julia is a global brand ambassador for Lancome Paris cosmetic brand. Production, movies, commercials, and interviews are her primary job. And she thinks that TV and magazine interviews give the right amount of information that publicity needs to know about her.

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