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Elections Canada 2021 Live Justin Trudeau begins his third term in Canada after being re-elected | Who won the election in Canada? | Erin O Tool | The world

Prime Minister of Canada, Re-elected without a majority, he could form a government but would be forced to work with smaller parties on which his political survival would depend, which he wanted to avoid when called for early elections.

The results, still preliminary and released on Tuesday morning, put the Liberals inside Trudeau Almost identical before the dissolution of Parliament: they won 158 of the 338 seats in the General Assembly.

Identity: Stones were thrown at Justin Trudeau during a campaign trip

The Conservative Party remained unchanged with 119 delegates. The Black Quebecos (pro-independence) won 34 seats, the New Democrats (NDP, Left), 25, and the Green Party, two seats.

A) Yes, Trudeau It has to deal with a minority government. But before the thick of the suggestions, he approached people Tuesday at a metro station in his Montreal constituency, took a selfie between two escalators, some saying a few words in French and others in English.

“I’m very pleased with the way Govind has handled it.” And “Glad to know he’s going to get us out of here.”Giugetta Iovino eagerly returned to see Trudeau.

Some want to remind you of their duties: “I believe you have to work for the environment”A young woman shouted at him.

In his victory speech on Monday night, Trudeau He promised to give Canadians a “bright future” as soon as the country emerges from the epidemic.

“I hear them say that you only want to return to the things you want, without worrying about this epidemic or the election.”, Said.

Prime Minister of Canada and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, followed by his wife Sophie Gregory (left) and daughter Ella Grace greeted supporters in Montreal. (EFE / EPA / ERIC bolt).

“My best wishes, dear Justin TrudeauEuropean Council President Charles Michel tweeted on Tuesday, stressing the need for “strong friendship” to promote “multilateral solutions.”

However, US President Joe Biden did not respond.


After a very positive start and encouraging polls, Trudeau He had a particularly difficult election campaign, which turned out to be almost a personal denial. The erosion of power was noticeable and 2015’s “Trudomania” was far from over.

“Canadians did not give Mr. Trudeau the majority mandate he wanted.” Said the conservative leader Erin O Tool Monday night after his defeat.

By calling snap elections in mid-August, Trudeau hoped that dealing with the epidemic – one of the country’s highest vaccination rates – would help him regain the majority he lost in the 2019 election.

This is a failure for Justin Trudeau. We finished the same picture from a slightly different angle. “Andre Lamorex, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal, told AFP.

A man reads a newspaper with a cover image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  (Andrzej Ivanov / AFP).
A man reads a newspaper with a cover image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Andrzej Ivanov / AFP).

According to him, the Liberals “do not need a coalition government because, in the last two years, they can negotiate every plan” mainly with the NDP, which has allowed all the reforms to be implemented in recent months.

Genevieve Tellier, of the University of Ottawa, also believes that “the Liberal Party is in a very favorable position because the Conservatives have not won any new constituencies.”

But what is the “long-term political future of Justin Trudeau” said Elliott Depper, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa.

“He could not regain a majority and did not get the votes of the people,” he said. Said.

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In terms of votes, the Conservative Party is 32% ahead of the Liberal Party with 34% of the vote, respectively.

After these results, it became clear that “within the party, emerging prime ministers are about to start an uprising.”

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