April 13, 2024


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Mexico defeats Canada in U18 Women’s Volleyball World Championship – El Sol de Durango

During the second day of the opening round of the U18 Women’s Volleyball World Championships, the Mexican team appeared, wanted and sank.

Areas 25-18, 25-7 and 25-22 were enough for Mexico to beat the Canadian team.

The orders of coach Gabriela Allergan were echoed on the court and the tricolor team won its second victory at the World Championships.

Fans responded that what was already the Durango Exhibition Center in Fenado was a high-level entertainment that identifies itself as a broad defender and promoter of Mexican teams.

Permitted ability, in the stands, the cheers of the fans, the support of the players’ parents and the encouragement of “Pancholine” led the Mexican team to this basic victory over the Canadian team.

On the court, Mexico has always dominated, and Aimee Tobette, who became Mexico’s most dangerous weapon, paved the way for her powerful shot Aztec victory.

We must not ignore the great work done by the Linares attack.

As for Canada, Carvey played very little, but in the third set he scored 10 points with a powerful shot that revolutionized his team’s performance.

The exhibition center exploded when Michael Lizarraca, the national team from Durango, entered the field to finalize the actions and be one of the last points to bury the Canadians.

In this way, Mexico is the product of victories against Cameroon and Canada, with a combined total of six units as head of Group B.

Mexico will return to the scene next Thursday to face the Polish national team at 8:00 pm at the Drungo Exhibition Center.

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