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Weird and unusual sights of Canada

If you have ever searched the Internet for the most picturesque parks in the world, then you have probably seen a lot of photos from Canada. It is this country that is famous all over the world for its picturesque nature, waterfalls and a huge number of attractions. Despite the fact that tourists mostly like to visit large cities, there are also thrill-seekers who choose not quite a typical vacation. If you want to get an unusual experience, then you should definitely visit the strangest sights in Canada, which we will discuss in this article.

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The Grand Gathering

The view of the tranquil beach of the St. Lawrence River is interrupted by a rather eerie and strange collection of over 100 human figures that seem to rise from the waves.

This project is a true work of art. It is called “Le Grand Rassemblement”, and its author was the Canadian sculptor Marcel Gagnon. The creation of this art object was started by the author’s love to carve human figures from wood and stone. Thus, the artist studied the human body for drawing. Subsequently, his passion became a real work, which was completed and became a famous art project. Today, tourists from different cities of Canada come to see this attraction.

After making more than 80 figures and placing them along the coast at different depths so that they disappear and reappear with the ebb and flow, he continued to create these impressionistic statues with more and more varied poses and faces, until their number exceeded 100.

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This walk to a bizarre and unusual art object will cause admiration for some, and rejection for others, but it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Haunted Prison Hotel

For more than a century, the most dangerous criminals were sitting in one of the prisons in Ottawa. Known for its strict regime and ruthless staff, the prison was closed in 1972 for inhumane conditions. The following year, it was reopened as a hostel and since then only budget travelers have been “sitting” here. If you decide to stay here for the night, do not pay attention to all these screams and groans, it is most likely your imagination.

Spotted Lake (Kliluk)

This is a sacred lake, consisting of more than 300 individual pools with a high concentration of minerals. It is a strangely patterned body of water located between the Okanagan and Similkamin valleys in the wilderness of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The water in this lake is unique because it contains magnesium sulfate in large quantities. In addition, it also contains sodium and calcium, due to which it has healing properties on human skin. Credit of various beneficial minerals in the water also contains silver and titanium. In summer, due to the high temperature of the desert climate, part of the reservoir evaporates, so these minerals form beautiful colorful spots on the surface of the lake. During this period, you can walk through dry areas among individual pools of salt crystals (although the lake is fenced, and penetration to this natural wonder without informing the Indian community is strongly discouraged). During the First World War, the mineral deposits of the lake were used in the manufacture of explosives.

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The waters of this lake are believed to be a sacred medicine, referred to by First Nations in both Canada and the United States as Kliluk. The reservoir is surrounded by cairns – stone piles, under which graves are often hidden.

Midlothian Castle

Schoolteachers often lead very exciting lives outside of teaching, but few have such an interesting hobby as Canadian high school educator Peter Kamani. Since the mid-1970s, in addition to teaching, he has been creating a huge and rather intimidating castle.

Inspired by the Druids and the ancient Britons, Kamani populated the castle and its grounds with fire-breathing dragons, gaping-mouth arches, and created an eerie forest of tree-shaped sculptures. The citadel even has a dungeon. The most striking feature of Midlothian Castle, however, are the hundreds of “screaming” concrete heads that Kamani has placed around the perimeter, including a giant specimen atop the castle tower. According to the creator, being among these heads and disks, the guests of the park are enveloped in a peculiar atmosphere, both calming and disturbing, and silence, broken only by the terrible cries of peacocks.


The Diefenbunker was built in the late 1950s to protect the Canadian government from a nuclear attack and is named after John Diefenbaker, who was the country’s prime minister at the time. The bunker functioned for 33 years before it was turned into a museum in 1998 and opened to the public.

For some time, Diefenbunker served as a cinema: in the summer, films about the Cold War were shown in it. A highlight of the center’s exhibitions is The Lost Nuclear Bomb: The World’s First Broken Arrow, the story of the first “lost” nuclear weapon, featuring artifacts from the plane crash site.

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Boswell Glass House

On the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake near the town of Boswell in British Columbia is an unusual glass house. Boswell Glass House is built from 500,000 empty embalming bottles weighing only 250 tons, on a solid rock overlooking the lake.

The house built by David H. Brown is not only amazing, but also a little creepy when you think about the purposes for which such a solution is usually used.