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Concacaf drew 1-1 with Mexico and Canada in the qualifying round

Concacaf drew 1-1 with Mexico and Canada in the qualifying round

Demanding and dangerous Canada Received a 1-1 draw from Mexico This Thursday at the Azteca Stadium, the fourth day of the octagon Concacaf World Cup Qualification D Qatar-2022.

Jorge Sanchez, in the 21st minute, scored for the Mexican team, who scored eight points and took the lead in the qualifying match with the United States. Jonathan Osorio, 42, scored for the Canadian team, finishing sixth with six units.

Canada came to play head-to-head without pitches or fears, starting the first attack with Dajon Buchanan in the 1st minute, but the ball ended in the hands of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

The Mexican response was a shot from outside the area by Hector Herrera, which was blocked by goalkeeper Maxim Crepe in the 6th minute.

With the danger of continuing in the presence of Alfonso Davis of Bayern Munich, Canada made an attacking play in the 14th minute. Richie Laria’s shot was blocked by Ochoa and Buchanan fired the shot.

At the age of 17, Raல்l Jimenez counterattacked and opened the ball to the left for the arrival of Hirving Lozano. ‘Chucky’ stopped in that area, but ended the play with a shot on the crossbar.


Davis had a connecting goal at the age of 30, but Buchanan’s low and burning pass slipped through the Mexican area before defender Caesar Montes’ urgent but useless sweep.

Buchanan dangerously rejoined the 34th; His cross shot searched the bottom angle, but it was kicked into a corner.

The maple leaf group continued to create high risk and at the age of 38 Ochoa closed the head of Steven Vittoria.

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Before the break with the first-class game, Canada found the qualifiers 1-1: Davis filtered the ball to Osorio.

Goals of the competition

At the beginning of the second half, Mexico He tried to reassert his position as a local with two unfinished head shots on the networks, one by Jesus Gallardo and the other by Raul Jimenez.

At age 58, Mexican fans began chanting slogans again and referee Ismail Carnejo interrupted the game for three minutes as the first step in a protocol against discriminatory attitudes.

Canada saved a home goal when 63-year-old Alastair Johnston hit a ball into the crossbar.

At 68, Hector Herrera attempted a shot from outside the area and the ball ended up in Gribo’s hands.

The last major dangerous play for Canada was a short reaction from Ochoa with the title Liam Fraser at 79.

Both teams finished the game with considerable swing and physical display, but it was not clear before the goal was reached.

On Sunday, the fifth day of the Octagon, Canada will visit Jamaica at the National Stadium in Kingston. Mexico Azteca will host Honduras at the stadium. (AFP)

Mexico vs. Canada: This is the lineup

Mexico: Ochoa; Alvarez, Sanchez, Montez, Arazo; Protected, Gallardo, Herrera; Corona, Lozano and Jimenez.

Canada: க்ரீபியூ; Laria, Vittoria, Johnston, Davis; K, Miller, Osorio; Antoons, Buchanan and David.

Mexico vs. See. Canada: Minute-to-minute transmission

At what time do Mexico and Canada play in the qualifying round?

Perry: 8:40 p.m.

Ecuador: 8:40 p.m.

Colombia: 8:40 p.m.

Mexico: 8:40 p.m.

Argentina: 10:40 p.m.

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Chile: 10:40 p.m.

USA (Florida): 9:40 p.m.


Wolverhampton striker Raul Jimenez reappears, Martino team novelty; The striker suffered a skull fracture last November, but has recovered and this Thursday he will play Tri for the first time in 2021.

The coach goes to the World Cup with a mix of youngsters and players, many of whom are involved in the European leagues and will try to take advantage of the local status at the Azteca Stadium at 2,240 meters above sea level against Canada.


Led by Alfonso Davis, a versatile prisoner from Bayern Munich, Canadians will seek to maintain order and try to inflict damage from there; Even if they come out better with a draw, they will bet on victory on a field with eight defeats in the same number of presentations.

The Canadians have only played one World Cup. Mexico 1986, and, now that the Concacaf tie is even more apparent, they bet on maintaining the momentum that started the competition in Qatar. .

Where to see Mexico in qualifying exams on TV against Canada?

It will be transmitted by TUDN, Channel 5, More Vision, Channel 8 and Azteca 7 (EFE) signals.

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