July 25, 2024


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Canadian women’s team beats Mexico to win bronze at Edmonton 7S Rugby Championship

Canadian women’s team beats Mexico to win bronze at Edmonton 7S Rugby Championship

The Canadian women’s rugby team defeated Mexico 63-5 in the Fast Four match in Edmonton on Sunday to win the bronze medal.

Canada Nakisa Levale, Alisha Gorigan, Demidob Okunjimi, Fancy Bermudas Chavez, Asia Hogan-Rochester, Chloe Daniels, Giri Nagavati, Renee Gonzalez and Sabrina Pauline.

Daniels, Hogan Rochester and Olivia applications have added deviations. Joe Toyo responded with a single attempt in Mexico.

Great Britain defeated the United States 22-5 to win the Fast Four title.

The Canadian women’s team suffered its first defeat of the weekend, losing 22-12 to the United States today in the semifinals.

Canada, who drew with the United States and Great Britain at the start of the tournament, won 40-12 against Mexico on Saturday.

MIRAR l HSBC World Rugby Girls Edmonton Fast Four: Mexico v Canada:

HSBC World Rugby Women’s Edmonton Fast Four: Mexico vs Canada – Medella de Bronze

Watch Mexico face Canada for the bronze medal in the HSBC World Rugby Four Women’s Rapids in Edmonton, Alberta. 22:13

The Canadian men’s team lost to Kenya 33-14 in the bronze medal match on Sunday. Jake Thiel and Alex Russell made efforts for Canada, while Brennick Privost added two alternatives.

Kenya led 14-7 in the first half, but Canada were able to equalize within six minutes. The last attempts of Willie Ambaka, Alvin Ottiano and Billy Otiyambo eventually led to Kenya’s bronze victory.

Series champions South Africa beat Great Britain 24-12 in the final. The South Africans also won the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in Vancouver last weekend.

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Check out the HSBC Men’s World Rugby Sevens Edmonton: Kenya vs Canada:

HSBC World Rugby Championship Sevens Edmonton: Kenya vs Canada – Bronze Medal

Watch Kenya face off for the bronze medal at the HSBC Rugby Sevens World Center in Edmonton, Alberta. 22:56

Canada trailed Great Britain 22-12 in today’s semifinal.

Andrew Coe and Prevost sought to join sixth-seeded sixth-placed Canada at last week’s World Championships in PC Place.

Rose McCann, Luke Trehorn, Robbie Ferguson and Tom Bowen responded to Britain’s No. 3 on Sunday.

Canada beat fourth-ranked Irishman 14-14 in Sunday’s games. Toronto’s Josiah Mora took the lead with two attempts, with 24 seconds left in the second. Privost changed from a reasonable distance to beat the winner.

Moura scored the first goal within three minutes of the first half on the third attempt of the match as he armed himself directly with an Irish defender on the try line.

Jordan Conroy responded with 1 minute 35 seconds to his third attempt at the weekend.

In the second half, Ireland took advantage of Canada’s fall, sending Co Irishman Aaron O’Sullivan 12-7 to be sent off for a yellow card, but Sean Griffen missed the opportunity.

Only seven of the men’s top teams competed in the Canadian tournament against New Zealand. Those missing due to epidemic-related travel restrictions include Fiji, Australia, Argentina, Japan, France and Samoa.

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Teams from Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Jamaica and Mexico have been invited. The latest additions to the Mexican men’s and women’s teams came after France withdrew due to travel issues.

Canada beat Mexico 40-12 in the pool on Saturday when five players led by her husband Florence Symonds took the lead.

On Sunday, runner – up American Jazz Gray led three attempts to record a date with Great Britain in the women’s final.

Steve Rufetti made another attempt, running from outside to open the scoring four minutes into the cold, sunny afternoon game.

With the United States leading 12-0, John Wavesi scored his second attempt after taking three Canadians with him.

Applications left Canada at 3:15 and Asia Hogan-Rochester added another in the final seconds.

Canadian rugby has brought young teams to the Canadian Championship after many retirees and players left after the Tokyo Olympics.

The 2022 World Championship season will kick off in Dubai again with joint events. The first, which will take place behind closed doors from November 26 to 27, and the second, from December 3 to 4, will have fans at Sevens Stadium.

The full 2022 schedule will be announced later, considering “alternative host options” for switching events in Australia and New Zealand in January.

Mira | Vista Privia de The Breakdown: Canadian Rugby 7s:

Canada Rugby Sevens Preview in Edmonton

CBC’s Anastasia Bookies joins former Canadian rugby player Andrea Burke for a preview of the Canadian Women’s Rugby Championship and the second football match of the XBC World Rugby Sevens Series. 5:24

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