May 30, 2024


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Condors fly in Valparaiso: Chile beat Canada one step away from its first World Cup

Chile is making history in Valparaso. There is no other phrase that can describe what Condors achieved in the face of powerful Canada. The win from 33 to 24 is a blow to the table, which shows that the best time for national rugby is coming. They will face the United States in July, which will be the final battle to ensure qualification for the 2023 World Cup.

The Defeat in the last second of the first match It hurt, but it was exciting. Chile were able to fight face to face, with only one mistake in the “first half of the 80 minutes” defined by the national team without a win. The experience increased them because they knew they were there. And they brought everything out.

From the beginning, Chile was aggressive and hardworking. Very well in the scrum, the team quickly took place in Valparaiso. Although They went down by three pointsThey never denied, they always gave the impression of dominance. That was then Santiago Videla shone again. Full Pack showed his experience with back-standing shots. The fine was changed twice and the contours were already in place.

One that was extended by the initiative of Rodrigo Fernandez. An excellent solo play, where the opening was purchased by Canadian security with a remarkable “show and go”. The team’s confidence was on top and his game showed it. The Americans, on the other hand, were still stunned and, without any response, down 3-16, almost the first time they thought they would be expelled from a planetary appointment.

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But last week’s lesson was still there. Chile rested to win the first matchBut, in the second half it slowed down. Today they could not fall into it again. So there were doubts when Canada changed an attempt in the final 40 minutes.

That was when the public revealed. A crowd of fans who came en masse to Elias Figueroa supported the condors at all times. A noise that players miss when the game gets complicated and where they gain strength.

The struggle gave the natives another attempt. One important thing is that at the moment of the game and at that time they are playing with a lesser player. That’s a blow to Canada. The distance and the game carried the illusion. The penalty changed in Videla 60 ‘seemed to be the ultimate motivation. Total celebration at the port, because with 20 minutes left, the path to France 2023 is near.

Then history came back again and again. Canada was caught in an attempt, but Chile took advantage again. One more attempt, that last few minutes cleared up the doubts. Santiago Videla hit a six after a superb move by Rodrigo Fernandez. The scoreboard was 33-17. “Chile goes to the World Cup,” the audience sang.

Something closer today than ever. The difference in points between matches is one step away from the long-awaited World Cup in Chile. Now they have to face the United States, which originated in Uruguay. Winning them in battle in July 2022 will be the official dream of all. Chile participates in its first Rugby World Cup.

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But they haven’t thought about it yet. They take advantage of having fun with their people. They have already made history and only hope to continue on this path to success. 33-24 Code of a Historical Day. Condor flew to Valparaiso and now they want to do it in France.