April 13, 2024


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The Canada national team is on strike due to lack of prizes

The Canada national team is on strike due to lack of prizes

The Canada national team He did not come to training on Friday in preparation for the friendly game with his teammate Panama.

Recent North American reports indicate that there are contract issues and conflicts over prizes between the campus and the directors. World Cup.

The team is currently unknown John Hertaman Appears to play friendly fight with Canal team on this date FIFA.

The issue of signing new contracts with Canadian teams to qualify for Qatar and the bonus on how far they will go in the World Cup has been a problem since April, although the $ 10 million received by the Canadian Federation is one of the points of contention. To qualify for the World Cup. That 10 million. While managers expect it to be at least 40%, 10% should be allocated to campus.

According to the North American media, many Canadian players are associated with its elements United States To compare securities where US contracts are higher. The Canadian Federation has already explained that the revenue generated by broadcasting rights is different and cannot be paid to neighboring countries.

It should be noted that the CONCACAF qualifying round for El Salvador was on the other side of the Canadian currency in February, and the game was not played due to a strike by Cusctleco players due to economic contracts.


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