May 30, 2024


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Martino agrees that Mexico has retreated against Canada and needs to increase pressure to fix it

The Coach of the Mexican national team, Gerardo Martino, Recognized it They lost under pressure against Canada, Forced Tri To retreat, What It can give them a defeatBut believed it If they solve that point They will have no problem Ahead of Honduras At the Azteca Stadium this Sunday.

“Basically two things We need to improve: Extensive best game so what Let’s press even better. From We will play if pressed incorrectlyEspecially after the goal until the end of the first half, Retreat very close to our area, In practice Our own domain. They are, in a sense, Key characteristics of our team“, Martino explained At the press conference.

‘Tata’ denied that the problems against Canada were its reflection Azteca stands as a fortress.

“I don’t know if it stopped, I understand it The other day we played a match equally, That Canada beat us in the first half, That We were a little better in the second half. No record What we have Let the locals be strong”, Pointed out that Martino openly admitted that playing backwards was wrong and that it was not part of the team’s style.

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“Team He threw himself backAgainst Canada, Mexico accepted coach Martino. “When there is a team Try to press, The competitor systematically breaks the lines, and we end up playing on our own ground, in three years it is never a characteristic of the team, far beyond the decision to throw us. There is no precedent for thinking this is a strategy, it is our problem and the virtue of the competitor, ”said the Argentine coach.

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Regarding his rival Honduras tomorrow, Martino explained that he expects an aggressive approach, as he analyzed.

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“The games are different and the characteristics of the competitors are different. We will think about the characteristics of Honduras and unite the team with it.

“Honduras’ best feature is going out to find matches. It’s a team that tries to play equally,” Tata said.