April 22, 2024


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Catholic Church of Canada apologizes for abuse in boarding schools for tribal children

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Indigenous people have demanded that the missing children be found.

Catholic Church Canada On Friday the tribe issued a “vague” apology for the abuses committed in children’s boarding schools that have been managed for more than a century.

“We acknowledge the suffering experienced in residential schools for indigenous peoples Canada“Says a statement from the Conference of Catholic Bishops Canada.

“We express our deepest condolences and unequivocally apologize.”

For years, Native nations and the Canadian government have asked the Saints to apologize Crimes committed inside The Dozens of boarding schools About 150,000 tribal children were forcibly taken away.

Research shows that there are hundreds Experienced physical and emotional violence, including sexual abuse, In those boarding schools. The graves of more than 1,200 children have been found based on those residential schools More than 6,000 are known to have died.

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These institutions, funded by the government and managed by the Catholic Church, operated from the 19th century to the 1990s. Their goal is to educate tribal children under the European colonial model.

What did the bishops say?

The apology of the Bishops of Canada comes within a week of the first celebration National Truth and Reconciliation Day On September 30, it was announced in memory of missing tribal children and survivors at residential schools.

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The bishops, in their statement, acknowledge the Catholic involvement in the boarding school system. “Led to the suppression of indigenous languages, culture and spirituality, Disregarding the rich history, traditions and wisdom of the tribal people. “

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“We recognize Serious abuses were committed By some members of our Catholic community: Body, Psychology, EmotionalThis, SpiritualThis, CulturalThis And sexThis“.

In it they said, “We express our deepest regrets and no doubt apologize.”

Meeting with Pope Francis

The bishops also promised to raise funds to support indigenous reconciliation efforts.

They declared survivors of boarding schools, leaders and tribal youth They will meet him Pope At the Vatican in December.

“As part of this healing journey we pledge to work with the Saints and our Native Partners on the possibility of a Pope’s visit to Canada.”

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