May 31, 2023


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CONCANACO SERVYTUR presents its digital strategy for tourism in Vancouver, Canada

CONCANACO SERVYTUR presents its digital strategy for tourism in Vancouver, Canada


He President of the National Chamber of CommerceServices & Tourism (CONCANACO SERVYTUR Mexico), Hector Tejata Shar, Submitted before officials and businessmen From Vancouver, Canada, Its digital strategy to enhance trade and tourism relations between the two countries.

During his work tour at the invitation of the Federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, President of CONCANACO SERVYTUR, said that the company’s digital strategy integrates tools such as Concaclick and the Smart Tour Corridor.

Concaclick is a platform that brings consumers closer to companies with the potential of 11 million customers.

Tourist corridors are a digital tool that allows you to highlight the attractions of tourist sites through QR, which facilitates the interaction of tourists.

Hector Tejada Shar, President of CONCANACO SERVYTUR, said that in order to grow in the changed ecosystem after the Govt-19 epidemic, companies need to adopt technology and digital tools.

CONCANACO SERVYTUR presents its digital strategy for tourism in Vancouver, Canada

During his tour, Tejata hosted a working lunch with Destination Canada, which was attended by the company’s CEO Marsha Walton.

There they discussed the trends in the Canada-Mexico bilateral tourism relationship, as well as information on post-epidemic recovery strategies and key projects.

The President proposed to the CEO to form a strategic alliance to promote Canada’s destination in Mexico through the Federation’s tourism promotion channels.

In addition, he met with members of the Pacific Blue Cross Insurer, such as Lesa Muir, CEO and Director of Customer Experience Jordan Boychuk.

With them, Tejada presented a medical tourism product made for Canada by Mexican hospitals with Canadian health certification.

He explained the creation of a specialized site to advertise the offer of business-friendly destinations for health tourism in Mexico, the inclusion of the largest insurance company in the region of British Columbia, the operation of sending Canadians to Mexico and, consequently, the overnight stay in the rule.

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For example, Tejada Shar explained that smart tourist corridors have been successfully tested in Querétaro, Baja California or Chihuahua.

Thus, through the Federation of Merchants and Government Officials of British Columbia it is possible to know the tourism offer of Mexico, which is attended by more than 786 thousand economic units.

He stressed that Canada is the second largest source of tourists to Mexico, after the United States. DATATUR reports that in the first quarter of 2022, 685,920 Canadian visitors entered our country by air.