February 25, 2024


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The autonomous mayflower finally reaches the shores of Canada

The autonomous mayflower finally reaches the shores of Canada

The world has changed a lot since 1602, when the iconic ship Mayflower from Plymouth in the United Kingdom set out to establish a new civilization with a hundred passengers on the east coast of the United States and Canada. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, along with it, the planting of seeds, for the most part, led little by little to the present North America as we know it.

Four centuries later, technology is dominating the world, no doubt. That voyage made in dangerous and primitive conditions is now carried out for a few hours on comfortable and safe flights or on boats without luxury details. Missing: The person in charge of mastering the rudder and the journey is carried out in a timely manner without fear.

Robotics has taken another step, having already achieved the feat of driving an automated vehicle. Mayflower has made the same voyage of its day, from the UK to Halifax, on the Nova Scotia in Canada and the driverless ship in just five weeks.

Built by Leading technology company IBM, This autonomous boat was able to travel without a driver. Is piloted only by artificial intelligence. The boat, about 15 meters long, was able to make the same voyage that the first settlers made, without men, and would represent future driving plans back and forth without responsible personnel.

Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum, And weighs five tons and is capable of reaching a top speed of 37.04 km / h. For this he a Impulse system that connects wind and solar energy And diesel generator used only when needed.

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“The technology behind creating the autonomous system worked so well without fail,” said Rob Hai, IBM’s computer administrator and one of the project’s key supporters. This time yes, the test has passed successfully. The same thing did not happen a year ago: His first attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in June 2021 had to deal with technical problemsAnd the updated Mayflower had to return to England.

Already in April this year, this record was tried again, but a problem with the generator sent it back to the Azores Islands in Portugal. The team member had to go there to make some emergency repairs. In May, in the open sea, a problem arose in the charging circuit of the generator’s starting batteries.

However, this time, IBM’s autonomous ship has already completed its voyage And lay the foundation for the “colonization” of the autonomous automotive sector. An option where different companies work, especially in the automotive industry.