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Conservative leader Erin O’Toole turned center to defeat Trudeau in Canada  International

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole turned center to defeat Trudeau in Canada International

Erin O’Dwyer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, spent the last hours insisting that he alone had the chance to defeat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in this Monday’s general election. The Tory candidate aims to get 31% of the vote, which puts him in a technical balance in the most recent polls. Trudeau Dissolved Parliament In mid-August, he launched a short campaign that lasted only 36 days, from which he hopes to emerge strong enough to form a majority government.

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“There are a lot of people in this country who are angry at Mr. Trudeau,” said Conservative O’Dwyer at a rally in London, Ontario on Friday, capturing 121 seats in parliament. Elections. “If we allow that frustration to do anything other than vote conservatism, it is a vote for Mr. Trudeau,” the adversary said. The phrase has been repeated in various parts of the wider Canadian geography in recent days, with the aim of consolidating the sentence referendum against those elected prime minister in 2015 and taking over a new post two years ago. One of their main flags is the refusal to spend nearly 600 million Canadian dollars (US $ 470 million) on the elections they consider the will of the current president.

After all, O’Toole wants to prevent the center-right system from losing ground against some key blocks. To the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), a libertarian and populist formation started by a conservative who left the team in 2019. The PPC adds support to this campaign, which is driven by the anti-vaccine and anti-mask movement in elections to manage Trudeau’s epidemic. According to opinion polls, the training vote has increased by 4.6% in six months. Conservatives, on the other hand, scored only two percentage points in the same period. This has forced O’Toole to reject the mandatory vaccination for government employees and those who have not been vaccinated instead are constantly tested by rapid tests. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats in various public places.

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At 48, O’Toole is one year younger than his main rival. The Tory leader wanted to distance himself from the Prime Minister. “When Trudeau did parties, I participated in search and rescue operations,” the candidate compared a few days ago, citing his experience as King of the Air Force as a helicopter pilot and his second job after graduating in history from the short military career he gave up to study law. However, there are similarities in the origin of the two. He was born in Montreal and, like Trudeau, was the first born of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the son of a senior politician who was the local MP for the Conservative Party in the province of Ontario.

O’Toole has been a federal congressman for the Toronto suburbs since 2012 and had a brief stint in government in 2015 as head of the War Veterans Portfolio. He tried to be the Conservative leader in 2017, but lost to Andrew Shearer. In August last year he finally took control of the party. Since then, he has sought to move to the center of the country under Trudeau for more than five years. “Canada has changed and so must our party,” he said in March. This Wednesday he told a group of supporters: “We are no longer a conservative party like your parents.”

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O’Toole and Trudeau during the French language candidate debate on September 8.Justin Tong / A.P.

O’Toole, the defender of the most inclusive party, wanted to increase his progressive profile in the social sphere. This month he presented Tory’s most ambitious plan against climate change, which was not considered sufficient by experts. It also emphasizes that women have the right to make decisions about abortion. He approached the unions and softened his view of the right to possess weapons and its control, whose opposition was one of the pillars of traditional conservatism.

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Some analysts have questioned the face that O’Toole wants to show in the campaign, and have even described it as “two-faced”. A poll conducted in August indicates that if Stephen Harper, first Canadian Minister between 2006 and 2015If the Conservatives are in charge, the distance with the Liberals will be much tighter. This reflects the longing of some undecided voters for a more traditional party.

Economically, O’Toole proposes temporary tax cuts and support credits for small and medium businesses. He also wants to expand access to soft loans for construction workers, health workers and those with mental illness. He also proposed expanding the benefits of an already robust program to support children.

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