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Trudeau gambles his political legacy in the Canadian election internationally

Canadian anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets of Toronto on Saturday afternoon to condemn health measures. “Stop Fearing Fear of Healthy People”, “Costume Protection in Tyrant” and “Covid 1984” are just a few of the dozens of banners in a crowd of Donald Trump’s libertarians, conspirators and nostalgia. They all seemed to have a common profound rejection Justin Trudeau, The Canadian Prime Minister came to power almost six years ago at the height of a wave of power and will play his legacy on a dangerous political reckoning this Monday Called the election Two years before the end of his second term, which began in 2019. Recent polls, reflecting the technical link between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party’s rivals, do not guarantee that the prime minister will do well.

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The Toronto General Hospital, one of Canada’s largest hospitals, had signs saying no to anti-vaccine demonstrations near its doors. Its pillars. The group showed some viruses during the campaign They threw rocks at Trudeau’s bus In early September. The epidemic is one of the backgrounds for the election, in which 27 million of the nearly 40 million Canadians are called to vote.

Finding a story for these elections is one of the biggest difficulties for Canadians. “Why are we holding re-election, rather than a referendum on managing the epidemic. There will be many cases against Mr. Trudeau, especially when he had the opportunity to pass the laws he wanted, he called for elections very soon,” says Lydia Miljan, professor of political science at the University of Windsor.

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According to a recent poll, the Conservatives are in a better position to win a sentencing vote against Trudeau. Opposition candidate, Erin O Tool, Has run a well-rated campaign by analysts. The DorisDisplaced from government in 2015 after nine years in power, they harshly criticized the prime minister for wasting nearly $ 500 million on organizing elections. O’Toole, a 48-year-old lawyer with experience as a military helicopter pilot, has increased his appeal to voters with a shift to center-right and a more progressive stance on issues such as climate change and social support. And law. Women in their body.

Although the Liberals and Conservatives are technically in control, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, according to the Canadian BBC, Trudeau’s rank is lower in the Lower House at 150 to 120 seats. The country’s electoral system – which has been criticized for many years – is based on victory in each constituency and does not consider any proportional representation in the lower house. Trudeau borders on Frick’s victory for the third time. In mid-August, when he was surprised by the dissolution of the legislature, he was about to launch a campaign to allow him to rule with a majority, capturing at least 170 seats in 338 constituencies.

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Conservative opposition leader Erin O’Dowley at an event in Oakville, Ontario.Blair Cable / Reuters

His reputation has been significantly affected since the Prime Minister came to power in December 2015. At the time he had a rating of 63%. Today it is only 36%, according to the population agency Angus Reid. Trudeau ran in the election in the hope of gaining widespread support to manage his epidemic, in which 70% of the population was vaccinated and recorded 27,440 deaths, one of the lowest rates in the G7. “Canadians must choose how to end and rebuild the fight against Govt-19,” he said in August.

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Daniel Beland, director of the Institute for Canadian Studies at McGill University, believes the Trudeau campaign had a tough start. They played against him, “criticizing his government for managing the refuge for thousands of Afghans, and O’Toole accepted a centrist and moderate rhetoric.” The Canadian government has asked for the resettlement of 8,200 Afghans out of 12,400. Coming to just 2,200 countries, it is now open to the world again.

The Liberals were re-established by the attacks on O’Doul, who refused to order compulsory vaccinations for federal employees, and by his stance on gun control. The Liberal Economic Plan establishes $ 61,000 million (,000 52,000 million) in five years. Conservatives 40,000 million (,000 34,000 million).

Theory Giason, a professor of political communications at Laval University, believes Trudeau “appeared, even though he did not believe in the election call.” O’Toole chose the virtual campaign primarily because “without leaving the script, it’s not very appropriate because this is the first time he’s consulted with the electorate as a conservative leader.

Political scientist Milgen believes that “Trudeau’s betting did not pay off in the campaign.” The expert highlights another factor in these elections, the disruption of the Libertarian People’s Party (BBC) in Canada, which was formed in 2019 and has its first major test this Monday. “There is no weight in 2019, but now it is almost 7%. It could affect the Conservatives and in closed races in Ontario and Toronto it would help the Liberals give the majority government,” the expert says.

The Reconciliation with Indigenous People marked the campaign. Since May, a series of discoveries In the provinces of British Columbia And Saskatchewan revealed too much 1,200 unnamed graves in former boarding schools For own children. Climate change, which wreaked havoc in the West with its hotspot, is a topic touched on by leading candidates and hopefuls of the New Democrats, Greens and nationalists in the Quebec constituency. Health finance and the cost of living are popular topics.

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Trudeau has called on progressive voters in the New Democrats, the Quebecois constituency and the Greens to support the Liberals to stop the Conservatives. The predictions are very tight. The majority government will be a surprise to both sides. In the case of the Conservatives it is not possible for the Prime Minister to have his legacy of capital and a dangerous gamble that is possible but impossible.

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