December 10, 2023


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Daphne Navarro, a Mexican gymnast, refines her technique in Canada

Daphne Navarro, a Mexican gymnast, refines her technique in Canada

Mexico City /

In order for the gymnast to get the best score in his practices Daphne Navarro is doing a production camp in Toronto, CanadaAccompanied by Canadian coach Dave Rose, he led Canadian Rosenak McLennan to two Olympic gold medals.

He has many Olympic athletes and medalists and I have been doing this camp since 2018, But I have not made this product for two years due to infection, but I am glad to be back here. After all, because of a competition we have, it’s a choice to go to Merida in Brazil to go to Merida, and to learn new elements and new techniques a little out of the ordinary. I’m going to use my time here as much as possible, “said Navarro.

One of the aspects of working with a coach is true Get taller when you do your routine on the trampoline.

“Mainly we focus on improving the technique, increasing the flight time and failing as much as possible because you only make two attempts in training and go to something else, thus making the product more effective and different from what I was used to. Flight time is one aspect of how judges judge you, which is called flight timeAnd the taller you are, the more control you have over the formation and better functioning of your organs, ”he pointed out.

Also, the athlete pointed out that the facilities he trains for are first class.

They have a nice gym here, belt to really help you learn these new components without much risk, Keep these movements in your head and then do it without any help. They also have a different trampoline called the Super Trampoline, which is slightly larger than the other and helps to create new components, ”he said.

He said the Jalisco woman will also be training for the World Championships later this year.

I would look for another camp in the US, Mexico City or Canada to prepare for those matchesNext year, in addition to the Central American and Pan American Games, the qualifying process for the Olympics will begin, with five World Cups and the World Cup. ”

Finally, the 26-year-old athlete pointed out that he reached the finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, giving him a lot of learning and experience.

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“My thinking and way of looking at things has changed a lot, making me realize that this is possible and that nothing is possible with hard work,” Gymnast said.